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“Man is free only when he can realize and accept his limitations.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Most of you reading this article are familiar with the biblical Passover story of the Jewish slaves escaping (or being released) from their Egyptian captors. Observant Jews refrain from eating leavened bread for the 8 days of Passover in remembrance of the Sabbath bread (challah) that failed to rise as they rushed out of Egypt and opt for matzah instead.

The accompanying scholarly interpretations of leaving the bread behind for a week relate to our behaviors and choices. We want to free ourselves from ego, “puffiness,” and also our limitations. Being free from limitations in relationships, speaking our truth, our perceptions- there is no end to things that potentially limit us.

Besides my Joumor students, 😉 how many of you know how Dr. Seuss came to write Green Eggs and Ham, one of the best-selling children’s books of all time? He was challenged by his publisher, Bennett Cerf, to write a book using only 50 words. Not only did Dr. Seuss win the bet AND $50, Green Eggs and Ham was his most successful book!

In Joumor we talk about Thriving Within Limitation. We’ll set a timer to work on a task or invite accountability partners to confirm and support us with deadlines. We want it to be a fun Game, and all games need rules to make them fun.

Rules are a form of limitation. Some rules are created by others, some by ourselves, and some just some to be. As sunset draws near on this first night of Passover, I am reminded of the possibility of limitation. Yes, let us shed those that do not serve us, but also take on ones that do, like going to bed when we need to, and not eating foods that harm us. The more we can expand into the marvelous limitations that we have intentionally created for ourselves in order to thrive, the more likely it is that we will win in freedom and unlimited possibility.

On this Earth Day and first night of Passover, let’s ask ourselves: What limitation would serve me to create infinite success? And then, leaving behind the unwanted limitations of others, choose our freedom and our future.

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