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We care about some things more than others. When we can articulate that care and organize accordingly we can optimize our efficiency AND our environment.

This foundational Joumor concept is called Prime Real Estate. Why do people pay high prices to live in tiny apartments in Manhattan? You know the adage: Location, Location, Location!

Joumorous Prime Real Estate is defined by:

1. Value: Most people don’t use their passports everyday, but they keep them in a safe place. Whether it’s a safe, a desk drawer, or even an underwear drawer, people are inclined to put items of perceived value in locations they have determined to be valuable.

2. Accessibility/Frequency of use: Places you access everyday are Prime Real Estate. The front door, the sink, the bathroom, the bed, your desk…the higher the frequency of use, the more important it is that the items there are used regularly.

How to implement Prime Real Estate this week: Start noticing-do the things in your immediate environment feel fresh and active? Do you feel inspired when you sit at your desk? Do you feel good the moment you walk in the door? If not, remove what doesn’t belong (by moving it somewhere else, even into a pile, for now, out of the way).

We can’t do everything at once. Start with the things closest to you that affect you the most, and go from there. Let your clarity guide you, one sock at a time.

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