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Most people balk when they hear “self-awareness.” Why? Although we generally find ourselves to be the most fascinating topic, self-awareness can imply a certain responsibility.


If we know we’re being irrational and unfair, doesn’t that make it worse than if we didn’t know?

But there’s an opportunity in self-awareness: Clarity.

And this clarity can:

  • Save time
  • Make us work more efficiently
  • Facilitate decision-making
  • Save or increase our money
  • Lower stress…

When we know what works for us, we can make clutter-free decisions faster and more easily, saving our energy for higher-level thinking and our money for whatever we want. When we do that, all is possible.

So how do we increase our self-awareness?

This is the first time I’ve shared this exercise that my most exclusive VIP clients do during our CEO Rise yearlong program, when they’ve had at least 6 months of decluttering and awareness-building.

Write down EVERY task you did in one day. (If this is too daunting, you can choose a particular time period or just write down some of what you did). Some clients do this only during work hours, some do it for an entire day. Then, rate it on a scale of 1-5 how in alignment it felt with your values and your desires/goals. For those that are less than a 4/5, you can brainstorm opportunities for improvement.


Once you’ve articulated the opportunities, you can schedule the to-do’s. Little by little, the integration of your new awarenesses of what works best for you will allow you to optimize your productivity effortlessly.

Ideally, we’d simply “get clarity” and take action. But to do so, we must first build our awareness, and the best way to do that is to calmly observe what we did and how it felt, and make adjustments from there. This allows us to communicate more clearly and plan more efficiently in all we do. Living this way, we find ourselves rocking our productivity and enjoying each action as it brings us closer to our ideal selves.

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