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Why Hard is Good

You know what’s easy? Punishing ourselves. Setting ourselves up to fail. Making the same choices and being disappointed in the same results. Blaming others. Being overwhelmed. Not finishing things….and all that other unjoumorous stuff… Last week my new client wanted...

The Point In Moving the Needle Just a Little #punintended

Brendon Burchard is a marketing guru whom I admire and respect. But I disagree with one of his major tenets of Productivity. He asks, “What will move the needle THE MOST?” It’s a nice idea, but doing so can be jarring and unsustainable. In Why Productivity Literature...

When You Don’t Know … You Don’t Know

“Man is free only when he is able to realize and accept his limitations.” –Friedrich Nietzsche One of my Clarity, Action & Discipline students began shaking her head during class the other day. (We’re all on video in little boxes on the screen like the Brady...

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