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Taste Less, Taste More

You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to understand that less is more.  But it turns out that there is science behind it. Taste is processed in the parietal lobe of our brains (right behind the middle of your head). A recent study by Stanford University found that: “A...


Let freedom ring. Tonight begins the Jewish holiday, Passover, where Jews commemorate their ancient slavery in Egypt and find gratitude for their modern freedom. The Hebrew name for Egypt is “Mitzrayim” which means boundaries. In the biblical story, the Jews escaped...

The Discipline of Foreplay

It’s easy to skip the foreplay and jump into things, but let’s be honest: It’s more exciting when we’ve earned it. When we’ve thought about it, seduced it, conversed with it…and it’s finally ours, it’s much more...

Love (and clean dishes) Is All You Need

The greatest clutter of all is self-judgment. It is the antithesis of Joumor. When a baby cries, it is honestly expressing a need as loudly and surely and quickly as it is aware of it. The baby does not pause to wonder who might disapprove or have overly sensitive...

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