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It’s been 17 years of watching my clients make hard decisions, take action on projects they’d been avoiding, and resist their dreams…until they surrendered to allow them in.

Over that time, I’ve seen certain patterns repeat themselves, and you know I love a good list:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective CEOs (with or without ADD)- They:

1. Choose results over their egos

It’s easy to focus on being right rather than asking what it would take to get where you want to go. In many cases, accepting the pursuit of the vision means releasing control of the details.

2. Admit when they are confused or scared and ask for help

Many people with ADD (or without) get quickly overwhelmed with details or when big changes challenge their nervous systems. Yet many CEOs move at a pace that terrifies the rest of us. So they surround themselves with the right mentors and team to support the vision, and their own fears as they navigate the journey there.

3. Say no (thank you) even when it won’t please people

Boundaries are the most powerful presence in any relationship, (arguably more than even love!) especially with oneself. CEOs trust themselves to make the right choices of what truly matters, even if they are pressured or even bad-mouthed by those who disagree. They choose the success of their vision rather than people-pleasing.

4. Are committed to their health AND good time management

Busy, late and disorganized is not a sign of success– it’s a sign of bad decisions and possibly poor and stressed health. Powerful CEOs know their health is the most important basis for all they do, and choose their activities and investments carefully.

5. Foster good communication in their personal and professional relationships

Contrary to CEOs who never see their families, have nasty divorces, and are disconnected from their teams and even from their customers, successful CEOs have plenty of time off to eat healthy with people who are important to them, exercise and try new hobbies, and live generous lives that bring the people around them higher.

6. Continually invest in their businesses

Warren Buffet does about one task per day and spends 90% of his time reading. Nothing stays the same forever. True visionaries are always researching, learning and expanding their knowledge and skills. From paying experts to participating in trainings, CEOs know they don’t know it all but have a special ability to invest, distill what they learn and profit from it.

7. Don’t hoard their gifts

The #1 mistake entrepreneurs make is not launching their ideas and staying stuck in lonely and broke perfectionism land. Successful CEOs, on the other hand, constantly think about bringing their product or program to market, knowing there will be plenty to fix once it gets there. Rather than debt-ridden inaction, these CEOs choose profitable and decisive action that grows their name as an influencer and expert in their field.

I just got this text yesterday from a CEO Rise client who recently completed his second year with me.

Things are going great. Just got back from seeing my daughter. Health and fitness are going well. I want to say I am extremely grateful for having been introduced to you and CEO Rise when I was. I would NEVER have self diagnosed my situation! Lots of work but a magical outcome.“- Ed Maran, Retired Portfolio Manager

When Ed and I started working together at the end of 2016 one of his #1 goals was to improve his relationship with his 3 college-aged children. The last time he had spoken to them was “a few months ago.” Now he speaks to them weekly, visits each one a few times a year, and they all take a trip together at least once a year. Plus he lost a ton of weight, got a new wardrobe, started dancing and dating, moved to a fabulous home…there were few things he didn’t improve once he knew what he wanted to do and had the support to do it.

Whether you’re the CEO of your business, your family or your life, building your self-awareness and committing to your vision are paramount to your success. But you can’t do it alone.

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