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1. Comprehensive knowledge or skill in a subject or accomplishment.
2. Control or superiority over someone or something

Mastery has been a popular term, especially in the last 10 years. Personal development programs have proliferated, promising to offer this very thing in business, sex, who we are as a person, etc. These courses are full and the investment to participate is thousands, but how many of the course graduates are really achieving Mastery?

Well, what does it take to achieve Mastery? First and foremost – mastering the basics, the very thing people do their best to bypass as quickly as possible.

In my time as an entrepreneur, I have worked with countless consultants and taken countless programs which promise “We will walk you through it step-by-step”. Then, however, when I’ve needed those steps I’ve been told- “We can’t provide you that level of detail …that’s personal to you… you’d have to do that part yourself.” What happens? I feel stupid, a loser, a failure. Not only have I once again invested a ton of time and money without getting the help I actually need, but my needs are so basic I’m apparently an idiot.

Here’s the irony: many have told me that what needs to change is my mindset so I can be more abundant and successful. Sure, that sounds great! But you know what I need to really change my mindset? Practical steps that set me up to win. AKA #joumor.

Example: “Create a website for your business”

Um, if I’m new to all this, how am I supposed to do this?
Just put “how to create a website” into Google?
What’s a website compared to web hosting?
How do I check if the name is available?
Do I need my business set up before I set up the website?


Setting someone up for Mastery (example): “How to create a website”

1. Check if the name you want is available.
a. Put www.example.com into Google and see what comes up.
b. If nothing comes up, your site might be available.
c. Check Domain Registrars such as Godaddy.com, 1and1.comnamecheap.com to see pricing and confirm your chosen name is available.
d. Be sure to check variations such as .net, .org, .nyc, .go, .uk, etc.
i. If your name is taken with another ending such as .net, check what kind of business it is- it is possible you can still use the name for a totally different kind of business…or it might not be a good idea. Make an informed decision.

2. Once you have your name chosen and confirm it’s available, purchase it from the Domain Registrar.

3. Etc.

When things are laid out in a way that someone can follow, they can do it and know exactly what’s going on. Even if they choose another path, it is their choice, not an abandoned effort due to overwhelm and hopelessness.

You know the saying “You must learn to walk before you can run”. How long did it take you to master walking? Years! Are you willing to spend years mastering the basics in order to succeed in more complex arenas? Most of us aren’t.

In Joumor, there is a hierarchy of organization setting us up for productivity.

If your stuff is everywhere, your space will suffer, which will affect how much time you lose searching for things. Your mindset greatly affects how well you are able to change and build habits, to allow you to pursue your dreams. All this, including your physical health, makes up who you are and determines how you relate to others in your various relationships, which in turn affect your health, time, and opportunities.

We need help to Master the basics. It takes time, detailed instruction, and a supportive environment conducive to creating excellence. With the right colleagues, we can pursue our own Mastery and thus raise the baseline of us all.

To your Mastery.

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