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We often think we need to be different to be strong.

The truth is that the strength is within us already.

Whether it’s

  • Paying a bill you normally put off
  • Solving a tech problem when you are not a tech person
  • Making a decision that’s hard for you but easy for others
  • Asking for what you want
  • Raising your prices

it can feel like too much.

That’s where Joumor comes in. Today in our brand new class about money at the Joumor Institute, students took immediate action on money-related tasks they’d been avoiding.

Why were they able to?

Because we Set Them Up to Win with Neutrality.

Neutrality means you know what and how you need to do things to succeed. You’ve listed your steps, you have time and money to accomplish them- there is no drama to distract you. In a neutral environment you can succeed easily…AND you’ll be even more creative. That’s how it works.

What are you avoiding? Her

  1. Write that task down and list the sub-tasks necessary to take to achieve it.
  2. Step back and review the list.
  3. Add to your list/break things down smaller.
  4. Take immediate and quick well-prepared action.

When we are full of resistance, or emotion of any kind, it can block us from taking action…even happiness can cause us to procrastinate. If there is something you need to accomplish, work the 5 steps above and see what happens.

If this sounds basic and good but you know you still need help to take action, join us at the Joumor and rock the next 3 months into your neutral productive fairy tale. 😉

PS: Questions? Hit “Add Comment” below and we’ll get back to you super quick.

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