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Happy holidays. I hope you are feeling satisfied and loved!

Today is a bittersweet day for me, as it is the one year anniversary of the death of my hero. This was a man whom I loved deeply. He became my client when he was about 87. Over the next five years I got to know him through in-person visits and also through his daily private blog. Never did a more Joumorous person exist.

Reorganizing, and now Joumor, is a philosophy and way of life that I have been developing for the past twelve years. It’s about moving through the pain and inevitable lows of life, and actually embracing them to get you where you want to be. This is my personal journey. I am just like my clients, and struggle with the same challenges, especially putting together this blog! However, I made a choice to live while I am here, and do the things I thought I could not do. You are reading this article because I am embracing the loss of someone I loved who inspired me to write this to you. (A loving Jewish mother “encouraging” helped, too :). It’s incredibly satisfying and I’m incredibly grateful.

Let this be your year: Write down your goals

Zig Ziglar said that we need to hear things sixteen times before they sink in, so I’ll say what you probably have heard at least fifteen times: Write down your goals. Setting and Achieving goals is not a simple process, one that you should take lightly. From Brian Tracy to Harvard studies to modern and ancient spiritual thinkers, we know that writing down our goals yields wildly different results than not writing them down. Like, 4% who achieved their goals without writing them down versus 44% who did…and did. The self-discipline it takes to go find a pen and paper right now and write down ten goals (big or small, it doesn’t matter) is huge. And I totally get that you might not do it…right now. But you can…and I’ll remind you.

May this be the year that you transform clutter into accomplishment, one step at a time. You are awesome.

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