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If you know anything about Bruce Lee, you know that the guy was freaking amazing. In his short life he accomplished more than most, AND left an incredible legacy.

Although I don’t enjoy fighting and violence in movies (or at all) he is one of my heroes.

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you’ll never get it done.” -Bruce Lee

Many of my clients “spin”….and I don’t mean those stationary bike classes. 😉

I mean that my clients often go round and round thinking about current options, past failures, and reasons why the thing they want to accomplish is too complicated but yikes, it has to get done so what to do? #spinning #roundandround

Let’s be clear- this is all NORMAL. But if you want to get something done, it’s time to get off the Merry Go-Round, because let’s face it, it’s not so merry to stay up late at night with your head spinning, and spend the next days and weeks still accomplishing nothing.

Bruce Lee was 32 when he died and had made at least 17 movies, and “in such a short time he managed to revolutionize pop culture, film, philosophy, music, the arts and physical fitness.” (1)

Your gifts and vision are very possibly as amazing as Bruce Lee’s were. The key now is to take action and bring them to the world. How do you do this?

* Tempting as it is to get bogged down in all that hasn’t worked until now, simply move forward with these steps.

  1. Choose one thing you want to accomplish- there are so many, just choose one
  2. Capture ALL aspects needed to complete it by writing them down
  3. Allot 3 times as much as your most generous estimate of how long it will take
  4. Begin
  5. Continue until complete, adjusting the project list as you go
  6. Celebrate your success
  7. Rinse and repeat with the next item you want to accomplish

Momentum is built with action, not thinking.

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