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Treat people as if they were what they ought to be and you help them to become capable of being. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

This is Joumor’s mission: to believe the best is possible and to create clutter-free connection within ourselves and between each other.

As we approach the Jewish New Year in the next couple of days, it is an opportunity (for everyone) to reflect on who we want to be in the world, yes, but also on a daily practical basis. If we ourselves live in alignment with our values and our desires, Goethe is right- we will have more patience and generosity with those around us to help them do the same.

In the next year, we will be launching some exciting new ways to get your Joumor on- to receive support in your projects on a daily and weekly basis at super accessible prices.

Way #1: Have you signed up to be a Joumor App Beta 3 Tester? We’re trying to make your tasks as FUN as possible. This is our FINAL BETA TESTING and will be for a hearty 5 weeks! So join us and let your feedback take the app to astounding heights of helping people! Please also tell your friends and family so they can get their daily productivity ON.

Way #2: Productivity Plugin, launching November 1st, is a monthly subscriber program so people can get focused regular support on their projects. The calls are short (20 minutes) but focused and INTENSE! Bring a project you’d like to focus on for 15 minutes (you can keep working after the call is done 🙂 )

Join us for the practice call this Tuesday October 4th at 10.30am:

Dial in number: 857.232.0156

Enter in this conference code: 186529

Wishing you a sweet and good year full of health and Joumor.

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