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A couple of weeks ago I saw Tony Robbins at the Wealth Expo here in NJ. In true Tony Robbins style, despite having almost died weeks before, he brought big energy to awaken the dead crowd with his strange voice and sideways clap, and science and inspiration to get our butts out of bed so we could make something of our lives.

Tony Robbins is all about intention and discipline. He personally plunges himself into a cold pool of 56 degrees Fahrenheit each morning to make sure he gets up and goes. He’s been at it for 42 years and his current net worth is around $500 million.

After Tony’s rational and masculine inspiration, which totally works for me, I recommitted to my no-complaining policy (the hardest thing I’ve ever done which I fail at continuously!) and to my new 28 Day Squat (I think of it as the Butt) Challenge.

Success isn’t about mimicking others, much as we might try, because what works for others might not work for us. Like branding, success is about drilling down to the essence of YOU and living authentically in a way that feels free and good to you. If you’re an entrepreneur, add to this success recipe “and you have clear offerings that people can buy easily.” And since we (humans and) entrepreneurs want to grow, choosing an almost daily habit that either sets you up to grow or grows you is key.

Although it can contribute, your…

  • bedtime
  • pricing
  • likeability
  • graphic design
  • money tracking
  • team

…don’t create your success though they can certainly help keep things flowing and on track. The details will thrive under your leadership. So your responsibility as a business owner or entrepreneur is to figure out what YOU need to create success in your business on a daily basis, and what will it take to get it?

Maybe the most powerful (almost) daily habit would be yoga, prayer or calling your mother. Or journaling or tidying or contacting 10 prospects. Or maybe you’re like Tony Robbins and you want to shock your body to foster peak performance on a daily basis. Whatever you choose, your business depends on you, and YOU depend on your habits.

There are tons of habits you could choose to add to your life, but which one would be the best one for YOU? Figure out YOUR needle-moving habit. Join me in my FB group to learn How to choose the best new habit to create by the end of the year.

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