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Got me?

Usually close behind, but

I like it. There’s

something really reassuring, but

knowing that you’re gonna be here

personally, you’re so dependable and reliable. Oh, yeah. Oh, it’s just three of us so far. Hello, ladies, my,

I’ve been watching the videos in the ER one. I’ve watched the first p lab video and the website looks absolutely gorgeous.

Thank you so much, Leslie. Congratulations. And I’m glad also to hear that you’re going to be okay, whatever it is, it’s going on for you, but sending good vibes.

Thank you. Thank you so much. I’m glad you like the website. It was many years in the coming and a tremendous amount of work. So Meg is right. It’s a lot of work. So I’m glad you liked it. And I’m glad you liked the first video. Little known fact, that was my sixth iteration of that. The first one was an hour and 45 minutes. And one of my coaches was like that is too long. And I was like okay, then I shaved it down and, and you know, Joumor principal. Hi, ladies, we’re talking, Leslie had said that she watched the welcome video on productivity lab. I’m just sharing some behind the scenes that Joumor principle things don’t happen for a reason. things don’t happen for a reason. And after the fourth iteration, I had been rebranded to see your rise formula and had to redo everything. And I did it again hated it. So I’m the sixth one, six was a charm. But that was hard to get myself to do it six times. But you know what I kept telling myself, if you want to have a million dollar product, sometimes you have to do something many times for many hours. Yet there’s a whole thing with entrepreneurs like, you know, quick and scrappy, it’s good enough and all that. And it can be but I think it depends what kind of experience? I don’t know. I guess it depends, and I wanted it to be as good as I could make it. So thank you for your appreciation. I really appreciate it.

I’m getting a lot out of it already.

I look forward to appreciating it myself. I just haven’t gotten around to watching I want to but this hasn’t happened yet. But I will appreciate you I’m sure. Thankfully, Leslie got there first. Yeah. I’m sitting behind.

That is the Leslie is good at that is good. Um, so we are a smaller group. Now, so I have a feeling we will take up all the time anyway. So it won’t be an issue to fill it. So how can I help you guys? Whatever you want to share, just pop your names in. So we have the order and let’s get to it.

Oh, Leslie, fantastic. Go ahead. It as well. Yeah. So, um, as I mentioned, I now have a business abstract. I’m calling it it’s not so much a business plan because it doesn’t have financials yet. Love it might as well. Um, and, um,

no, I’m gonna stick with Okay, so my goal is to make the three B, rip my den in my room a usable room. And what stands in the way of that right now, what’s in that room right now is storage. Things that could be sold. That I haven’t decided about yet, about 12 boxes of photos and photo like things, about 30 boxes of sentimental items, some art to boxes for my kids, and some furniture that I don’t, that I’m not ready to get rid of. And my 90 day plan would have me handling the rest of the photo boxes and I did clear one box yesterday. Yay. Thank you, thank you, um, would would have me handling all of the photos and all the sentimental this month. And that would mean doing? What did I say? So 40 that would mean we’re on the eighth. So 22 more days. 30 days has a different level during the November 22. So that would have me doing at least two to three boxes a day. If I didn’t stop, you know, and these are the most intense ones to do because they’re sentimental.


so I want to see if you have any thoughts about anything I’m saying?

Um, my first blush is that the expression that that sounds like too much for the average person, but we know you’re not average. But that really sounds like that doesn’t feel like setting yourself up to win. What I’m feeling is, when was the last time you kind of like tidied, sort of like we did in that one session, remember, like, just kind of like neaten stack and move around? When was the last time you did something like that? Maybe a couple of months. Yeah, so that’s what I was feeling even before you got to the end was, when you’re doing an organising project, or a website, right? Like, there’s a good time where you like a kind of setback, review and confirm and just sort of tidy. And this gives you sort of a fresh look at the scope of the project, even though Leslie just like laid it out, like sort of exactly what the scope is, she’s like, 30 boxes of this two boxes. But when you kind of give yourself when you like rearrange it, you couldn’t have moved the energy of it. And other things are, like are able to speak to you in a new way. So even things that you’re like, Yeah, I know, you’ll kind of reconnect with the furniture in a different way. And you’ll be like, Oh, this is awesome. I can, you know what I am going to sell this piece of, but for right now, I’m going to put these boxes like, and you’ll have kind of a new experience with it, which will bring renewed energy, and you may decide to keep with the same thing. You may not, but it’ll have like a new angle to it. And that’s always what we’re doing in what people were talking about direct and indirect coming at things from a new angle, even though it’s the same thing. But coming at it from a new, because even though you were like I did, when you don’t seem particularly like, I’m ready to jump on it, you know, it’s like, that’s a lot of that is a lot in front of you, you know, so we want to insert some likes, kind of cracks in that, like we’re always doing and like kind of heaviness it, give ourselves the opportunity to insert some cracks in it or some space or some new perspective. And then step back and reassess. Because it’ll feel better when you and warning as you found that one time, that experience because you’re shifting the energy can be extremely exhausting. So I highly recommend doing it with someone like even if it’s by phone or whatever. Having put in your water and planning not to do much after that. I know it sounds kind of like extreme like a doctor, but it is a sort of emotional surgery. And I can’t tell you how many times I’m sure I’ve shared many times that my clients basically had you know, I’m sorry to say nervous breakdowns from overdoing the work that we did together in professional organising. So you really need to set yourself up even just from reorganising you can say I’m not going to get rid of anything or make any decisions. But even going into like just redo the whole thing, you’re going to feel a lot of energy shift, and you need to be like, physically and energetically prepared for it. So that’s what I would recommend. And then go back to your 90 day plan with your highest self and and see what feels right after that, like the next day or two days later. Well, I think Thank you. I think I will. What’s coming to mind for me is that the mind 90 day plan has been so successful for me up until now. Right? Well, not up until now. It’s been so successful for me like it just I have nailed every single month until April, you know, and

and so like that’s, you know, when do we first do the first 90 day plan? Probably late October, November or

something like that? Yeah,

you’re right. It was November. So I didn’t November, December, January, February, March. Okay, so it’s five months. So now this I think I have

like, it’s, it means that I’m that when we did our 90 day plan that the second time because we’ve done it twice, right or? Right, thrice. Okay. So it must have been the last time we did it. Oh, you know what, I don’t think I even made a new one. The last time we did it. So the second time we did it. I refreshed I created a new one. And that’s the one that I think I’ve been following. Yeah, that’s the one I’ve been following. So I think I need to make a need to do a new one because it works for the first two months, but not the third. And that’s why it’s good to look at it every month, that was another thing that one of the coaches that I learned this was said, Don’t touch it. For 90 days, she was like, don’t touch it, like you said it, you know, even if you come back too late, and I was so like, behind and miserable. And I was like, but she said into a maybe I’ll like do it all right at the end, like a term paper or something. But I find that giving yourself the opportunity, like it takes the edge off, kind of like I had said in text boss that April 15 is just another tax day. You know, it can be in the same way, like we make a 90 day plan, but then every month review and confirm, it takes the edge off of like, having you know, then it’s kind of really a month plan, but then it allows us to do it and still feel like we’re nailing it. So it makes sense, Leslie that the first because you you the first one, you did refresh. And then the next one, you’re like, Alright, I’m gonna do it. And it did. And that doesn’t allow the energy to move in it, you know, when we, when we enter, interact with it. So I mean, people, you don’t have to redo it, but that’s what I find. It’s like we do it. But then we keep doing it. And that’s how we stay in flow with it. Yeah, and now as I’m saying, I’m like, but I can do it or or something’s coming up, like maybe I Well, she said not to touch it. That woman that, you know, it’s just interesting noticing, like, what comes up. So we’ll see, I’m willing to review and confirm and I’m also willing to examine and by the way, that woman who said Don’t touch it completely burned out and like had like, closed for 30 plus 1000 Facebook group and due to like things going on in the group that she couldn’t handle because she was so stretched to the bone with other things. Okay, so did she achieve like an, like a mofo? Yes, she did. She’s way ahead of me in business. But did she like, is she way ahead of me and burnout? Yes, she is also, you know, so, you know, we’re trying to set ourselves up to win to to not go into burnout, which it’s a lot easier to turn to burnout or to, like extreme pressure than to not, you know, this is a game changing conversation. You know, I do not want, I do not want to go into burnout. That is my old way of operating. And it’s that operating system has been retired. Or that’s the intention. Yeah, right. Like regulations. Yeah. 2.0. And it’s hard. I mean, I want to acknowledge that is awkward shit. I mean, who here can you know, hand raise, like, be like, see that thing on the list and feel like, Yeah, but I could, like, I can probably it’s only the eighth. You know, like, I could do it. Right? Like, that’s the normal. But it’s like, why these that’s the whole point. There shouldn’t be emergencies, we don’t want to be like, gunning it, you know? Yeah. And why? Just exactly why? Why would I do that. So, just to one detail of a when someone invited me to do something, and I’m realising I only have a certain amount of time for this kind of thing. And I don’t have that slot available until May. But I want to do it. So I was like, if we can do it sometime in May, like I just scheduled it out, like, I’ll have a Tuesday or a Wednesday in May. And I haven’t heard back yet, but that was me for me. Like, yeah. How did that feel? And feel good. And feel so good about those things? Is that when we’re really like true about it, if the person is like, how dare you?

Okay, you know, like, what are the, whatever the responses are, we’re grounded and solid so we can handle it rather than when we’re stretched out and, and burnt out and you know, to the bone, then everything and then we’re too sensitive. Now, that’s the big key about avoiding burnout in our decisions is that we can be more grounded and present and whole and make better decisions in everything that we do. So well done. Thank you. And now I’m realising so I think I said that the boxes were going to be delivered from East Hampton. I’m not ready for them to be delivered at the end of this month. I’m gonna just push it back and there’s no reason you know, that’s That’s fine. Nice. When did you realise that?

Just now?

Yeah. Yeah, perfect. Yeah. Perfect. And that’s what’s so good. You know, there are a lot of people have said in the group that you really inspire them, you know? Right. Like, and why because you’re you’re, what you’re doing is you’re working on a diligently at a pace that is exactly what we talked about that’s dynamic, but sustainable. Right. And, and what happens is that as you allow for new information, it’s not like your sister hasn’t movers on the truck, and you’re like, Oh, wait, I can’t, you know, which people do they’re like, you know, I just can’t know. But you’re like, you know, we were gonna do that in a month. I need a few more weeks. Like, okay.

Good Samaritan study right there. Thank you. Awesome. I was gonna ask you as a question, and it is the I was going to ask you should I move it?

I know. Yes, I should. Yeah, that’s also good. What? That’s why I said, When did you realise it felt so good when you said that was like, Oh, that feels true. And good. Thank you. Yeah. Awesome. You’re welcome. I think I want to go into Yeah, I was waiting to the end of our conversation to open it because I realised I forgot. So let me do and I’m going to do my best to not throw you all in there. So you have to come back. So hold on. I’m gonna do it more. Not. Hold on. Here we go. I did make the change. Okay. Good. All right. Yay. All right. Thank you. Okay. You’re welcome. All right. Damiani you are up. And anyone’s Welcome to go into the Oh, sorry, let me Oh, I’m sorry, I did not see that. I apologise that Manny and the other you guys are just want to make sure you have that. You saw the breakout room thing? Yes. That Okay, just okay. Okay, good. Sorry about that. Libby, go ahead. Good to see you.

Thank you, it’s good to be here. And I, I I’m, I’m feeling anxious about sharing, but I want to be accountable. And so I’m going to do that because I need help. And and I have different relationships with asking for help. So. Um, so I feel like I you know, I have this amazing accountability partner in Damiani. And I’m really grateful for her. And I just want to acknowledge that in our, you know, in our space here, for lots of reasons, and but I sent her a text the other day, and I said, I feel like I need to send lay a note. And and because I I’m failing miserably. And we didn’t talk about it. But she kind of sent back a note that was like, Oh, you’re so adorable. Like, and, and part of of that feeling for me is that I’m not sure I ever totally settled on my goal. And the reason is, because I always have a hard time when someone says, well, what’s your number one thing, I never want to pick a number one thing, I feel like I’m going to be confined to man or something. And so I had these two things that were going back and forth. And back and forth. You know, I had sort of like a heart thing and a artistic thing, which is to complete my memoir draft. And then the other one was my work less plan. And I feel like they’re really related to each other because I don’t get to spend time in the writing because I’m working so much. So the burnout conversation with Leslie is a great segue into this. So the good news is that I and the success is that I feel like I have our you know, I feel like productivity lab is awesome. And I really benefiting from it. And it’s you know, teaching me the Joumor spirit and principles and practices. And that feels really good to me. And it feels like I’m you know, I’m still learning and all that stuff, but it’s really good. I don’t know if I should have had that as a prerequisite to CEO rise. I don’t know. You know, I think I’m a highly competent person. But I also believe this is a whole different way a different mindset of having a relationship to my time and my desires and my goals. And in the end since you know, Leah since you and I had our very first conversation like massive things have happened. I sold a townhome for the price. I wanted to sell it I refinanced my my house I made decisions about my money that were my decisions. I let go of a financial advisor I have hated for 10 years and picked one that I love. Who is Totally like aligned with me. I just bought a brand new camper van that I’ve been wanting that is going to allow me to like have four seasons and I can go skiing and I can go where I want and be totally self contained, like many, many good things have happened, that I feel like are a result of like connecting to the principles here. But I’m not working a 90 day plan on my memoir draft. And I’m and I, I will say that the work less plan, I’ll tell you what happened in the last few weeks. So in my family, we never talked about money ever. I remember one conversation when I was a kid where you know, my parents, and I’m sure it was like with good intention, like brought the chequebook out and the stack of bills and said, Okay, well, this is how we pay bills. And my response to that was terror. Like, just absolute terror. Like there’s not enough money, even though we were middle class, and I never, you know, we’ve never, I never lived in poverty or anything like that. But that’s set me on this path of like, there might not be enough, so I better work all the time. So I can make sure that I have enough money. So I’m, I mean, I have plenty of money. And like I have all these people around me are going, Wow, your investment accounts look great. Like I have no credit cards. And so there’s really good things there. But I’m not working my 90 day plan for my memoir, which obviously is causing me a lot of aches.

The other thing, one more thing, and then I then I’m just going to ask for direction and help. So I have to have a hand surgery on April 20. Which means I can’t use my hand for six weeks. And, like everything I want to do that has to do with this stuff and other stuff is related to using my hands.

And you know, like I need to do it.

Because if I don’t do it, it’s gonna get worse. But I hate asking for help. I have to. And I don’t know how to navigate like my goal stuff when I have to take care of myself.

So I’m sorry for getting so much No, but

yeah, that’s right, you know. So I would like to know, just kind of wisdom ideas about how to navigate this. And what does that what does it look like when you say set myself up for success? When I don’t seem to be managing some of the things. So

before I answer you, Libby First of all, yes, Damiani said it perfectly. Never apologise for beautiful tears. We can’t. We can’t get anywhere if we’re not real. You know, if we don’t ask. So first of all, you’re doing great asking for help right now. Thank you. Before I talk, I feel that Manny cat and IO may have something to say so. Cat. Yeah, I thought. Go ahead.

Well, I was just gonna say Libby, you haven’t really been doing this work for very long, you joined toward like, you know, only what, two months ago maybe. And the amount of things that you have accomplished in that time period is like, epic. So like, like epic, epic, like, like people in life only wish that they could accomplish like a quarter of the amount of things that you just did in whatever six weeks, two months, I don’t know how long it’s been but in that amount of time, so like Leah has a principal I don’t want to botch it really badly, but it’s like what you did is like good enough. Yeah, that task is enough. It’s like like bask in the glory of that what you have done so far is enough. Because I’m about to go to the ending of this programme and like reconcile the last six months of my life and I’m like, have I done anything as monumental as sell a townhome and like and I’m like, in my brain that was like, have I done enough like that was instantly like what what happened? You know, and and so I just want to acknowledge you for like a taking this on like full steam ahead and and If you need help, like, if you like, first of all, you can write a memoir in a voice recorder and have somebody type it out for you. Because that’s what people that write books now do a and b, you have six weeks to fucking do that. Like, because you’re not going to have to work and if you need someone to help you type stuff, like, call me. You know, or someone else that knows what you’re like, I’m just saying like, there’s so many options where you are right now and not to downplay your the like, because like, what you’re I get what you’re what the amount of gravity in this situation is and how much it means to you, which is what these tears speak to me as. And I’ve been there and I feel it. And I acknowledge it. And I just want you to know that like, every single one of us has cried in this group. Like very, very, you know, all of us have gone through the same thing. And there is like, this lovely time about two months into any Joumor course where you break the book


Because you’re like, Oh, wait, all this is new and everything I know, we are laughing because it’s the laugh of recognition, because every single one of us has done it. So a what you’ve done is enough and be like it sounds like now you have a perfect opportunity to work on your memoir. So what you’re doing is enough. And I just want to say that because, you know, I’m writing a film and I know what it’s like to be like, I’m not doing enough, you know. And so I hope that helps.

It does. Thank you.

Beautifully said go ahead Damiani Thank you.

Yeah, yeah. Ditto with like Kat said, um, and you know, Louis, it was interesting that I actually, I mean, here I am your accountability, buddy. And you share things with me. And I was actually surprised. A couple of things I don’t think you have shared with me like, I don’t know, if I knew about the advisor, or if there was a couple of other things that you said, but it’s like, I just want to reflect back how, yeah, how much you’ve done, and how gracefully you have done it. And I know that you know, you’re

Yeah, then the emotions and you feel like you’re not doing things well. But um,

you know, the other day, like, when I shared with you how I had these little small little wins and how I felt like it was really important for me to, to celebrate that because I’m not noticing the big shift, because I’m not celebrating the small stuff. And something about that feels really familiar in what you’re sharing. And I want to as an accountability, buddy, I invite you to share more of that with me, for us to share that with each other.

And, and the other thing too, that I that I was feeling.

Because I know that you have done the really hot create a waiting list, which you’ve never done before with your clients, which I think is brilliant. And then you sharing that you have money. I question? Can you like simplify your schedule? Do you need to work with, like, you need to work as much as you are? Can you? Is there space for you to take time out from work in the coming weeks. And while you’re healing? To just, you know, sit in that and see. So I know that for me I have it’s been a few years now, like I went from full time schedule, and I cut myself down to part time. And then in this course to I in February, I felt very inclined to cut down my working because I was working a lot on the goals that I have in this course. But I I cut it down to three days a week and just the rest of the time is play and only five hour work days and just carving out more space for myself and see to see how that felt and how it worked out. And I don’t know if I’m being clear, but that’s just what was coming out for me and something that I just wanted to share. It’s like, is there is there something in there for you that would be helpful?

No, there is thank you and I I accept the invitation to share the smaller things. I think that’s a great idea. And I think that would also be you know, really great for me, I think, like my relationship to my work is a very long, long relationship. And I was talking to a friend the other day about like a lot of the things that I’ve done to to be be healthy financially. And she said to me, and she’s in her 70s and she said, You know Libby, I’m not worried about you having enough money. I worry about you because you work too much. And, but I’ve always been affirmed for that.

And I don’t know what it would feel like

not to do that, although the other day I was thinking about layo. Cuz I had this, I was meditating and this thought came in and it was like, you have to


scheduling so many coaching clients for your one on one time. Like in a month, I probably have 25 people. And in addition to, you know, the other projects that I do with clients, but I don’t know how to get out from under it. Because like, I make commitments, and then I feel like I need to

keep them, you know.



But I will say this other thing that happened, which was really cool is I have an assistant who’s really lovely. And, you know, we’ve been talking about the Libby work, last plan. And so, when we had our meeting last week, she goes, Okay, I know, you didn’t ask me to do this, but I just wanted to show you. And she said, I cut your client load in half, I cut your money in half. This is what it would look like, you could do it. And it was like,

holy shit.

I could.

Thank you.

So I have two things to say. And they’re both Joumor business related. And thank you, me and me for your beautiful response as well. Um, so Libby, I think it’s pretty clear that your goal in this course was to learn how to set yourself up to win. And that’s what you’re about to do. Um, and in addition to Kats generous offer, if you guys have logged on to the portal to see arise have Has anyone it is all transcribed. I mean, it was already but we, right, so I use them. I use I switched. Little did I know I was anyway otter.ai. Everything is transcribed. It’s not perfect, but you can pay someone to fix it, you know. So you can voice note it and that but that’s not the details, I’m sure you’re good at figuring out and anyone here can brainstorm the details. The first part is setting yourself up to win, which is to be able to breathe. And you happen to have chosen an accountability partner who went through that process herself of creating space amidst the gold driven got to get my money’s worth, etc. And I think if I’m not mistaken, it was when Damiani made this space that a lot of miracles started happening. Right was not really when you were like, and then you promise just all these things that you just keep cliffhanging but anyway. Right, it’s in this space. That creativity thrives, right in neutrality, creating, we can’t create in the crush, you know, we can’t receive in the clinch. So setting yourself up to win means making space setting yourself up to receive. So setting yourself up to win in the in the formerly five step process of Joumor. It was preparation is everything, everything is preparation. Step one, remove what doesn’t belong. Step two, step three, set yourself up to win that for review and confirm Step five, the goal of it all set yourself up to receive. So what is set yourself up to win mean? It means that once you’ve prepared and you’ve really removed what doesn’t belong now you do the setting up part. And that’s where you set up a 90 day plan. That’s where you hire an assistant. That’s where you set your package pricing and your scheduling and your all your rules. Where I implemented a communication policy in this group, because people were it was lovely, but I was getting WhatsApp and texting and messaging. I didn’t have a policy. So I wasn’t set up to win. So I was like good. And I was like wait, and my sister who’s one of my, on my team. She was like, well, what’s your policy? I was like, oops, right. So we set ourselves up to win by looking And all the places where we need to set ourselves up with help with policies with pricing everything right? Once we do that we step back, we review and confirm, remove, add or change, as it says on the grand to do. So we look like what things do I need to tinker with. Once we do that, that’s where we set ourselves up to receive, which means we let go. Now, that’s the part where people tend to clench because they’ve gotten in the doing, which we do want to be doing, but done right at that point, you say, pending. Right? And your hands are not open, or you’re lying in a bed, you know, resting or whatever. So that’s where you set yourself up to receive. So setting yourself up to win in this case mean saying, Wow, like cat said, Let me look at this opportunity of six weeks, Let me treat myself like, you know, the brilliant, respected, high quality Queen writer, whatever words come before that I am and blah, blah, blah, set myself up with fresh flower delivery every week, like whatever the things are, that will remind you

of, of who you are and what you deserve, and what you can afford, and do it in a way that feels right to you. You know, so doesn’t mean push yourself to pay for things that you know for it. You know, I don’t like that forced extravagance. That’s what a lot of things push. No, like, you want to get daffodils from Trader Joe for 399 do that, you know, like, it doesn’t matter. It’s about the spirit of the thing. Having your assistant data, so it’s getting creative with the practical and the impractical, that will set you up to wins like well, what if you can’t use the restroom? Then what? Like, what’s the plan for that? That’s like the practical lets, you know, what if blank, what if blank, what would blank what would feel nice blanks, body stuff, space, time, habits, money, dreams, relationships. So we’re looking at body stuff, space, maybe money time, right? Like, these are the things that we’re looking at, when we set ourselves up to win because the higher we go, the less we have to do. The ideas that we work in the body stuff, space, time, habits, money, dreams, relationships, the more intangible, we’re setting ourselves up to be open to receive what we desire. So you work those things. So this is a literal body. So what are you going to need, whether it’s things like supplements or like a warm, I don’t know anything about hand surgery, but a warm thing to put your hand in? I don’t know, whatever, all the things get those set up. It’s like my mother always jokes when people are like, Oh, I didn’t realise was Russia not? And my mother would say, well, it’s been planned for 5000 years. Yeah, it’s like, you know, that certain things are gonna happen. But like, Joan, you even you weren’t here. But Joan had her surgery and was unprepared for the healing. Right? Anything can happen. They say six weeks, it could be six months, God forbid, but you don’t know. That’s the thing. So set yourself up, to do those six weeks as beautifully as you can with as much help as you can possibly manage safely with COVID. And all that, right. That’s one piece on the other piece. That thing of your assistant doing it, it’s a great exercise. And you can also cut your clients in half and double your money. Tony Robbins has a seven year waiting list for six sessions for a million dollars a year, seven year waiting list. So you can make your prices, whatever you want. You can slide your scale, you can do certain clients raise your prices, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah. You can do whatever you want. And it sounds like this would be a great time to think about that. Because we’re 25 clients a month What if you had 12 and made the same exact amount of money

or double,

you know, you can do that you’ve you’ve put in the work. You know, my rate, my technical rate is about 1250 an hour or $1,250 an hour. And I have had people pay me that and I don’t even want it. I don’t want one on one work. You know, it’s extremely intense. I give my all it’s wonderful. I help people. It’s great. And I don’t even want that. Would it be great for my bottom line? Yeah, but also not because there’s a triple bottom line. But the quadruple bottom line is also our heart and our health. So whatever pricing you choose, people will go away. And that’s perfect. Right? So you can flip it into a group thing. I mean, we can definitely look at that for you. Maybe that’s what you really came here for it. That’s one of my superpowers, is packaging and pricing and all of that. So the first thing to do though, right now is set yourself up to win. That is your project. That is your goal. Clearly, I think we can all agree that that’s why it turns out you came here. And along the way, we’ll figure out what to do about your business. But I guarantee you that money thing is, is over? Well, we’ll, we’ll do what needs to be done. But we don’t even need to think about that right now. Just keep doing what you’re doing. And keep choosing to set yourself up to when to give yourself the space to say no thank you to say, Can we do it in a month or two months or whatever? Right? You’re the kind of woman that people ask to do something, and they don’t expect you to be available? Because you’re that good. Right? So when you say yeah, I can do it in about two and a half months or like, fantastic. What day works for you.

Thank you.

You’re welcome. Yeah, I

think I yeah, I think that setting myself up to when I just I didn’t have a container for what to call that. And, and I’ll just share this last thing. I like it, because I got an idea the other day about like a really, because I really love gardening and it’s the time of year to plant vegetables. And so then I was like, Oh my gosh, I’m not going to be able to plant vegetables, you know? And so I was just thinking, Okay, who would really love to help me with us? Like, who? Who, who loves that too? And would would love the invitation, you know, and, and, you know, I thought of my friend Kathy and, um, and, and she would I haven’t asked her yet, but, but I think she really would. And you know, because I can’t lift the I won’t be able to lift the bags of soil and you know, things like that. And so I can begin that list of the things that first are about taking care of myself and I heard that for you like literally the most practical things

and then

maybe make you know, make a list from there about,

you know, what

I need? And,

and what would feel good? Because you get to have that to live. Yeah.

Well, thank you, everyone. Thank you for your support and


Keep us posted.

I well.


All right. That’d be me and then I Oh, Damiani Go ahead.

Okay, um, I wanted to share a little bit of the shit that I’ve been like cliffhanging.

And it’s funny because I’ve got my two accountability people here. So I don’t know. I mean, how much is gonna be new, but you know, and maybe some of this actually inspire Libby because there has been a lot of space taking for me like it’s been. And I’m I don’t know if we’ll be able to articulate this all very well. Because it’s still in process. Things are popping, but there’s so much flow like I’m seeing flow and I’m seeing how it is coming back to learning to walk. And so so I’ve been creating space right and creating space with my gtg simplified it took a shit tonne of things moved it over to my clutter inventory, simplified what I was focusing on as my goal game a part of my my my 60 day or 90 day plan. And so what that has looked like is me tweaking my physical space because stripe driven me crazy like these glaring incompletes like this closet that I haven’t been able to like fucking open up and I’m afraid embarrassed to people seeing it’s like I can’t access things. I don’t know what I have. And so I did a massive closet redo. And I believe I shared that I realised in funk showing the space, the closet. my closet is in my career section, my life’s work section, which is one of the biggest questions I’ve had all my life is like, what am I really here to do? How do I how do I and that was like the ultimate like, goal in this course, look, if I got more clarity around how I what steps I take in that area, so to notice that my closet was a mess. And then it drives me crazy that it’s a mess. And I’m to start putting attention on that. If we go back a few weeks where we did that class, where we were looking at what are we ignoring things that we were putting off, you know what energy is there. And so they’re little things like a conversation with and I’ve shared this with you gals, but conversation with my brother that I kept putting off or you know, doing the dishes that like I love having a clean space, but man, sometimes I leave my dishes. And so what I remembered, like having a conversation with my dad, my brother, and then all of a sudden things started to pop. It was like I realised about the closet. And so

and then all of a sudden, I noticed that my dishes were always that in to wake up and notice that the saint was just clear. It’s like, wow, this feels really good. And then it’s like, between the nostrils entered in, like Naturally, this internal tasking that was happening. It’s like, between laundry loads, like I was inspired to bake. I’m like, I don’t fucking bake. And yet I was baking cookies between doing the laundry and do whatever my dishes are clean, and then like, okay, I really like this flow that I’m noticing I wrote some of these things down just because I can’t trust myself to remember it all. But then oh, and this is what’s unfortunate that Leslie doesn’t get to hear this. But I had an old dresser, it was from an old lover could never access things properly, I got to get rid of this dresser. So it was given to me for free. I found a new dresser that was much more my style for 40 bucks on Craigslist, I sold the dresser that I had for 50 bucks. So I made 10 bucks on the dresser, which I thought so these are the little things, you know that that I really want to honour this because that’s where I feel like like, you know that $7 of clothes or whatever, that doesn’t mean, I think you would have really appreciated the dresser. So I’m just like, all these things that feel like they’re starting to come together like this walk is starting to come together, right? It’s closets like Okay, I’m gonna, I don’t want to spend money on this closet, this is a rental. So I’m gonna ask my building in my building maintenance guy, if he has extra wood and some paint that I can use, because they’re doing their company got lots of properties in the area. So they’re constantly doing work. And so as I go to send him a message, I get a message from him. And I thought, okay, beautifully manifested. And so I asked him, he’s like, yeah, I’ll get you the stuff. And so the abundance, I’m noticing the abundance in the flow as well, right, and that it didn’t end up coming through him. stuff happened. But I went up on I went on Facebook marketplace, I still got freeway, it’s like okay, and then my in my bowl did the work. So I didn’t have to do anything, no effort on my part. So now at this wonderfully functioning closet that I like I open and I can just feel it and like I can just feel things moving. Of course, my apartment blew up in the process because I had to take everything out and put it on my bed. And so I’m like, okay, just noticing that two sec. All right, take it and I didn’t rush to get it all done in one week, or one day. That’s where I like I noticed I needed to take some space because I thought okay, this closet has been hanging over me for several years. They’ve been here for like it’s since the beginning since I moved in. And I know that there’s a lot of dense energy here so I can’t I just need to sit with this and I just kept smudging every day and little by little this moving like finding a new place for something it took me about a week to finally be able to sleep on my bed again. But that feels so good. It’s like I listening to that rhythm and slowing down and setting myself up to win and and then of course I posted about my fucking sexy sock drawer, you know and my panties. It’s like at an eight drawers. I have four that are Marie Kondo code. It’s like, I know where mice I know what socks I have. I know where they are like, it’s it just feels so good. And it’s small stuff, but it’s like no, but this feels so epically big like I can just feel it building. I can feel it being the foundation of them. I’m having insights. And again, it’s not all clear yet but I can just feel the flow. And that was a piece about stopper clutter. It’s like Last class, it came up a couple of times and I realised I figured out what my stopper clutter was before I even knew what stopper clutter was. Because I hadn’t watched the video yet I had listened to the recording. And so several throughout the classes I’ve heard people mentioned stop or clutter, and I keep saying I gotta listen to that recording. gotta listen to that recording to last class, I came up again and I knew, alright, today’s the day I got to listen to that. I got to listen to that.

recording. And so in hearing Lauren talk about the belief that was passed on from her dad about money not being able to come through creativity. The sock drawer reminded me of my stalker clutter, which I had shared a few weeks back around. The shaming that I got from my dad about wanting things to come easily. Like you always want the easy way. And it’s like, yeah, you know what I do? And things do come easily to me. So I’ve been really looking at how have I been stopping that? Because here’s the thing about my sock drawer, it’s like that, that little organiser thing. Like I had I went to IKEA, I bought several, you know, several of these organisers magua was working on the closet, I was working on my N dS and my socks, then I realised I need one more of these organisers. Oh, it’s such a big deal to go back to IKEA. But okay. But it on my list. I’m going to have to go to back to IKEA, you know, this lobby. But then I thought, let me look on Facebook marketplace. And lo and behold, what did I find? I found the exact one that I wanted right afterwards. It was half price. It had never been opened. And, and it’s like, Alright, so I’m gonna go pick that up. And then I realised Wow, it’s a bit of a drive out. I like the easy way out people so I just threw it out there. And guess what it got delivered to my fucking door. It got delivered to my door. Half Price never opened sock drawer. stopper clutter. Fuck you. Easy. I’m in too easy and graceful and slow. And so I just

yeah, amazing. I feel like that could be a one woman Joumor show right there.

That is awesome. Love end, thank you for sharing. Awesome, and more and more. And I’ll give you guys a tool, which I haven’t shared in this mastermind to help you with the digestion, then we’ll flip over to you i o of the accomplishments, which is to start with one of these two, which is Oh, and one of my clients still sends me texts from last year, she’ll be like, oh, and I’ll be like, you know, Oprah call. I mean, just crazy things, you know. So Oh, and like things where you’d be like, oh, and it was delivered to my door, you know, whatever.


out of the blue dot, dot dot. And this will help spark your mind of things that so if you guys want to get into practice, and this is a great thing. I used to do this back when iterations ago of productivity lab, we actually did a class on Fridays for 15 minutes called accomplishments, where we just got together and shared accomplishments because it really is proven scientifically to help with your productivity. And a lot of what Libby is talking about, and Damiani is showing kind of on the other side of it is, you know, the chokehold that accomplishments end up having on us. Where we’ve done so many things, it’s like, we can’t even breathe, you know. So then when you keep doing it and keep sharing, and you post one picture of Sox, and everyone goes crazy, you know, there’s something to it, right. So, uh, oh, and an out of the blue. And if you guys want to do you know, you could do a thread group in your account, accountability buddies, whatever. But that’ll help spark your, you know, like, Is there anything and that’ll help you come up with little things that suddenly don’t seem so little when you share them?

Oh, and I shared with two gals and I forgot like, my yoga instructor out of nowhere I get sends out of the blue sends me an email saying By the way, if you want to participate in my zoom classes, yoga zoom classes in April for free, here are all the links. And oh, and I ordered food the other night and they threw in two gorgeous brownies just complimentary. So this is the piece that I was referring to earlier with Libby. It’s like I recognise I need to honour these little little o ends and so I invite us to do that. I invite us to do that because it feels so good in it. It really feels like it’s it’s

setting. Yeah.

That is awesome. Yeah. And and it is they just keep growing. You know, clutter attracts clutter, and the opposite is true. So, so do accomplishments attract accomplishments. Yay, amazing. I Oh, we’re gonna flip over to you if you can, please. And you’re unmuted

right away, and

I’m unmuted and she’s unmuted. I

love it.

First of all, I want to say what an exciting class this has been one listening to lezlie and then listening to Libby and and listening to Damiani. It is just been, and then the comments that Kat made for Libby and diamond the dam unique made for Libby. Just incredible. Libby, you’re sharing just incredible. It is like I’m just learning so much. But here’s the thing I want to say to you Libby I Indomie. And he said it’s about the walking I don’t know, if you listen to the the class where les atoll the walking story, it is just the best about this is what we’re doing in Joumor. We’re learning to walk. It’s about this Tango dancer who walked for 10 years before the master told her she was ready. Yet she had gone out and won all kinds of awards, and would come back and tell him and he was still tell her to walk. So that’s what your stories, all of them, but particularly yours really reminded me of that we are really learning to walk. So that’s what I want to say. And oh, and so yesterday, I’m talking to a prospective client, who says to Me, I smell gas, I said, Honey, you hang up and go call whoever is your gas, or you do not need to talk to me now. So she did and the gas man was there. So we have to reschedule. That’s just fine, you know. And out of the blue, a former client called me this morning, and he was referring a client to me, and knowing my whole thing about not wanting to charge this, make sure you charge her notes. So just out of the blue. So I’m waiting for that call. Ah, but here’s what I want to say about myself. And I’m so glad when you were talking to Leslie, because I also do this thing call, it should have been done yesterday, which is very old. Do you know, it’s called hard work, because only people who work hard make it. And so I’ve noticed that I have been kind of like saying I’m going to do something and it doesn’t happen. But yet, other things have taken over its place. And they were very important for me to take care of. And so when I’m hearing all of you today, I kind of get it’s like, I’m just walking, and all of that doo doo doo should have been done yesterday, is not good for my nervous system. And yet, that’s my throne this and I just have to respect that and give that some space and not beat myself up about it. Because good things are happening. So that’s just what I wanted to share with you guys. I am just thrilled about what’s going on with us.

Thank you for sharing you incredibly did it perfectly with a minute to spare. Wonderful and and yeah, it’s a great reminder that no matter what to keep coming back to walking, it’s true that we really can get lost in the in the rest of it. So it’s, it’s it’s good to keep bringing us back to that.


does anyone have it is 215 perfect timing you guys. Any any final remarks or questions that anyone has kept? Go ahead.

I didn’t share because I didn’t really have anything specific to share. But I just want to say that this class was like so valuable in that as I wrap up this Joumor this specific part of my Joumor journey journey over the next couple of weeks and what I see in my what I know my goals are and seeing like how I’m going to start my next chapter because I turned 38 on Sunday. I’m just like, yeah, I’m like excited because I feel like I recently went through the eye of the needle in a in my own regard to kind of where I’m at and what I’m up to in this class was like, Huh, um, but just really hearing everybody talk about where everyone’s And what like where they’re off to it just kind of really a reiterated the walking on a whole nother level and be just had me get excited to know that I can get to create this next year fresh and I’m excited to dive in on Monday.

So that’s all I wanted to

share. So it is yes. 38 and sexy. Great. We’ll have to, we’ll have to figure out are you because I was calling cat 12 for her size and 38. So we’ll have to come up with something that will embody it all. I guess it’s just 26 and you’ll know what we mean. But that’s awesome. All right. So we will be sure you’ll be here on are you at the intensive or no? Yeah. Okay, so we can

think next week, I still have it on my to do list to set up a call with you to figure out what’s next. But I am going to do that by the end of the week. But um, I think my next full like the intensive is next week. Right? Okay. And that’s the week after I think it’s my I’m done. Because I was two weeks after the last group is when I think I signed up so

got it. Okay, perfect. All right. Well, we


send us a reminder because I’m not good at singing but I know some people are so we can take singing belatedly next week that’ll be fun at the beginning of the intensive so people please remind me All right, everybody, you guys are just so magnetic. I never want to say goodbye, but we have to do it. So goodbye, your wonderful coupon Joumor ring. And see you guys all next Wednesday.

Thank you.

Bye bye.

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