October 28th, 2021

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Leah talks re: Integrity of your word/personal power

Work Portions
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Leah speaks re: the importance of Turnaround Time


11:00:41 From Roberta : Happy
11:01:03 From Sharon : busy!
11:01:04 From damiani : Discombobulated
11:01:12 From Libby Wagner : readyish
11:01:37 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : waking up
11:01:51 From Donna : mildly grumpy
11:03:19 From Libby Wagner : no
11:03:19 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : almost
11:03:23 From Donna : almost
11:03:25 From Sharon : close
11:03:25 From damiani : yes
11:03:34 From Roberta : no
11:03:43 From damiani : Me needs it!
11:06:47 From Elana Bell : Emotional state: raw and vulnerable
11:09:58 From damiani : Hugs to you, Elana. xo
11:10:27 From Elana Bell : Thank you @Damiani
11:11:09 From Alison Pereto : Yes!
11:11:09 From Libby Wagner : Sooooo close
11:11:10 From Roberta : no
11:11:16 From damiani : I realized that I lied. I wasn’t completed. But now I AM. 100%
11:11:17 From Elana Bell : no
11:11:19 From Ayo : yes
11:11:26 From Donna : yes
11:11:28 From Sharon : yes
11:11:38 From damiani : AYO!!! So great to see you!!! xo
11:23:01 From Elana Bell : Take a shower and wash my hair
11:23:12 From Donna : prep area for contractor
11:23:19 From Roberta : clear dining room table
11:23:22 From Libby Wagner : Make meal/pack list
11:23:23 From Alison Pereto : Find and open documents for this editing job
11:23:28 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : text client and cancel subscription
11:23:35 From Wendy Sax : important email
11:23:48 From Wendy Sax : write it. Thank you!
11:23:49 From damiani : Unpack panties/socks in new space. 😀
11:23:58 From Sharon : make one phone call
11:27:47 From Ayo : receipts for Oct in record book
11:36:45 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : work on DNS for my email server
11:37:11 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : And hi all 🙂
11:42:24 From damiani : Hi Leslie! 🙂
11:44:03 From damiani : yes. 5
11:44:04 From Roberta : 4
11:44:10 From Donna : 45 seconds away from a 5!
11:44:13 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : 5+
11:44:33 From Alison Pereto : 5, and had time to start editing 💃
11:45:03 From damiani : I’d like to adjust my number too. 5+ because I finished and started the next task.
11:45:27 From damiani : You tease
11:45:32 From Elana Bell : 5
11:45:54 From Wendy Sax : 5
11:47:22 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : mic drop leah. damn.
11:47:56 From Elana Bell : Call tile bar and make sure tile order is confirmed
11:48:07 From Wendy Sax : write a fund-raising email
11:48:08 From damiani : Wipe down closet and shelves
11:48:10 From Sharon : set up an appopintment
11:48:13 From Donna : Review proposal
11:48:25 From Alison Pereto : Finish editing CV
11:48:44 From Roberta : finish going through reach
11:48:56 From Roberta : papers on dr table
11:49:32 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : finish reading cards
11:49:33 From Luise W (she/her) : Cooking chicken chopping vegetables
11:54:28 From Dana’s iPhone. : Love you sunshine!
11:54:56 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : DNS complete! Next up, work on homework, complete one slide
11:59:19 From Juan Pablo Sans To 12:07 UNITASK(privately) : Leah
11:59:25 From Juan Pablo Sans To 12:07 UNITASK(privately) : What are we supposed to do_
11:59:46 From Juan Pablo Sans To 12:07 UNITASK(privately) : Sorry I’m late
11:59:51 From Juan Pablo Sans To 12:07 UNITASK(privately) : I was in an endless meeting
11:59:52 From 12:07 UNITASK : welcome
12:00:03 From 12:07 UNITASK : Juan Pablo our newest member!
12:00:12 From Dana’s iPhone. : Woohoo welcome
12:00:24 From Libby Wagner : Welcome, Juan Pablo!
12:00:26 From 12:07 UNITASK : simply articulate one to do that you can accomplish by about 12:05
12:00:44 From Dana’s iPhone. : You’re a treasure Leah!
12:00:49 From martin : Go through papers one folder
12:03:56 From Juan Pablo Sans To 12:07 UNITASK(privately) : Done
12:04:49 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : start laundry
12:05:01 From Juan Pablo Sans : Promote a live on my FB group
12:07:15 From Roberta : I have a pile of plastic straws I don’t want or need. Asking for encouragement to get rid of them. HOW? do I recycle or throw them in the garbage to become landfill?
12:07:15 From martin : 5
12:07:16 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : 5
12:07:20 From damiani : 5
12:07:22 From Elana Bell : 5
12:07:27 From Sharon : 5
12:07:28 From Wendy Sax : 4
12:07:35 From Alison Pereto : 4.8
12:07:36 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : 5+
12:07:38 From Donna : 5
12:07:38 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Welcome!
12:07:40 From Elana Bell : Welcome Juan Pablo!
12:07:47 From martin : Juan Pablo
12:07:49 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : yay welcome Juan Pablo!
12:07:50 From Dana’s iPhone. : Wow anazjbh
12:07:53 From martin : Doctor!
12:07:54 From Dana’s iPhone. : Amazing yay
12:07:54 From Roberta : Welcome!
12:07:55 From Dana’s iPhone. : ❤️
12:07:56 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : awesome!
12:07:58 From damiani : Hols Juan Pablo!
12:07:59 From Sharon : welcome!
12:08:04 From damiani : *Hola
12:08:06 From Juan Pablo Sans : Thank you guys
12:08:20 From Dana’s iPhone. : Thank you gorgeous!
12:09:20 From Donna : I already sense this is genius!
12:09:33 From Dana’s iPhone. : Genius!
12:09:59 From Dana’s iPhone. : Wow
12:10:05 From Dana’s iPhone. : Love him and you!
12:10:08 From Dana’s iPhone. : Epic!
12:10:16 From damiani : Superwoman Leah!!!
12:10:28 From Dana’s iPhone. : Truth!!
12:10:30 From martin : Ouch!
12:10:32 From Dana’s iPhone. : Love you!
12:10:34 From damiani : You told me!
12:10:43 From Dana’s iPhone. : Hahaha
12:10:45 From Dana’s iPhone. : ❤️
12:10:55 From Dana’s iPhone. : Wow
12:10:59 From Dana’s iPhone. : Epic!
12:12:40 From martin : Oh turn around time has spoiled many opportunities for me
12:13:10 From Dana’s iPhone. : Yayy
12:13:13 From Dana’s iPhone. : ❤️🎉❤️
12:13:36 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : oh nicely put martin, same
12:13:48 From Dana’s iPhone. : Feel you chills
12:13:55 From Dana’s iPhone. : Thank you love this story
12:15:07 From Dana’s iPhone. : I love you amazing woman and your genius! Gold!! Thank you! Yes
12:15:32 From Dana’s iPhone. : Yes!!
12:15:58 From Dana’s iPhone. : Amen
12:16:01 From Dana’s iPhone. : Loved this!
12:16:04 From Dana’s iPhone. : Electric now
12:16:08 From Dana’s iPhone. : Thank you gorgeous!
12:16:11 From Dana’s iPhone. : ❤️✨🙏
12:16:14 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Yes! And guess who’s ordering manna water bottles…:)
12:16:14 From Dana’s iPhone. : Woohoo!!
12:16:15 From Roberta : I have a pile of plastic straws I don’t want or need. Asking for encouragement to get rid of them. HOW? do I recycle or throw them in the garbage to become landfill?
12:16:18 From Dana’s iPhone. : 💃💃💃
12:16:29 From Dana’s iPhone. : Hahaha Leslie
12:16:41 From Dana’s iPhone. : Great q Roberta
12:17:12 From damiani : Post them on craigslist for free, Roberta! Maybe an artist can use them for a project. Or if you have an art store that recycles could be another idea.
12:17:55 From 12:07 UNITASK : @roberta if you are going to recycle them please slit them all lengthwise with scissors
12:18:03 From Dana’s iPhone. : Yummy!!! Dancing and lit!
12:18:08 From Dana’s iPhone. : 🔥😻💃
12:18:18 From Dana’s iPhone. : Great ideas all!
12:18:55 From Donna : Roberta I often have the same kinds of “landfill guilt” dilemmas. So happy that you voiced this!
12:20:10 From Dana’s iPhone. : So fun!!
12:20:15 From Dana’s iPhone. : Thanks love!!! Yess!!
12:20:18 From Dana’s iPhone. : All in!!
12:20:56 From Dana’s iPhone. : I love you!!
12:20:57 From Alison Pereto : Send work email. Spend rest of time writing FOR ME.
12:21:05 From Libby Wagner : Complete email to rhonda
12:21:21 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : look over ellie’s email, start plant list
12:21:23 From martin : Go through papers in one folder. Take out what does not belong.
12:21:25 From Juan Pablo Sans : Speak with people over DMs and close sales
12:21:26 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : Complete two more slides
12:21:27 From damiani : Unpack items onto closet shelves
12:21:49 From Roberta : Made a decision on straws.
12:22:03 From Ayo : complete receipts for Oct. and gather all Nov. bills
12:44:08 From martin : 5 – I’m done!
12:45:32 From Leslie Lewis (she/her) : 5+
12:45:34 From Donna : 5
12:45:35 From Sharon : 5
12:45:37 From Roberta : Yes. split all the staws
12:45:39 From Juan Pablo Sans : 4
12:45:41 From damiani : I thought we had 4 more minutes???
12:45:41 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : 5 just barely
12:45:43 From Luise W (she/her) : 5
12:45:45 From damiani : But 5
12:45:46 From Dana’s iPhone. : 5
12:45:49 From Ayo : 5
12:45:57 From Dana’s iPhone. : Woohoo us
12:45:59 From damiani : Oh, I thought 29
12:45:59 From Juan Pablo Sans : from 1 to 5. I made 4
12:46:02 From damiani : my oops
12:46:18 From Dana’s iPhone. : ❤️🎉
12:46:20 From Libby Wagner : 5!!!
12:46:26 From Dana’s iPhone. : Yayy
12:46:34 From Dana’s iPhone. : Check my credit cards wooho
12:46:34 From Donna : Pay rent
12:46:37 From 12:45 UNITASK : Review Bank Statements
Review Credit Card Statement
Send invoice
Pay bill/invoice
Follow up on refund
Issue refund
Review investments
Track taxes
Pay taxes
Pay loan
Pay rent
Send letter
Communicate by phone or email with financial person
12:46:43 From Sharon : pay a bill
12:46:43 From damiani : Request efund
12:46:48 From damiani : Lol, refund
12:46:58 From Dana’s iPhone. : Review credit card statements ❤️🎉
12:47:01 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : deposit check, look over statements
12:47:27 From Ayo : read from a money book creating and manifesting
12:53:30 From Libby Wagner : Check accounts ✅
12:55:07 From damiani : 5
12:55:11 From Dana’s iPhone. : Delight!!!!
12:55:14 From damiani : Clearer
12:55:18 From Juan Pablo Sans : Overwhelmed >*
12:55:25 From Wendy Sax : Unbelievably relieved!
12:55:25 From Dana’s iPhone. : Clearer and accomplished!
12:55:27 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : a bit more oriented
12:55:28 From martin : Super worried
12:55:35 From Libby Wagner : Relieved; accomplished
12:55:43 From Juan Pablo Sans : A little better because I feel I finally did what I was supposed to do
12:55:44 From Sharon : clear
12:55:44 From Dana’s iPhone. : Woohoo
12:55:49 From Dana’s iPhone. : Grateful for us
12:55:56 From Dana’s iPhone. : ❤️and you Leah love!
12:55:57 From Roberta : feeling the jitters from doing a hard thing
12:56:15 From martin : I have the most amazing accountability pod!
12:56:20 From Libby Wagner : Yes! Accountability Partners . . . I have the best!
12:56:24 From damiani : It’s rocket fuel!!!
12:56:36 From martin : Three powerful queens that keep me honest
12:56:42 From Dana’s iPhone. : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
12:56:44 From Roberta : I don’t have one…..afraid
12:56:51 From damiani : Libby and Martin! xo
12:57:18 From damiani : DANA!!! 😀
12:57:23 From Sharon : I don’t have one either
12:57:27 From Dana’s iPhone. : I love you D!
12:57:29 From Dana’s iPhone. : ❤️❤️❤️
12:57:50 From martin : Yes, please
12:58:07 From 12:54 Millionaire Minutes : https://www.facebook.com/groups/696965934245269
12:58:08 From Libby Wagner : We share daily texts and connect by call or Zoom to support each other. Just do it!! xoxo
12:58:32 From Dana’s iPhone. : Thank you!!! So lifted from today feeling this vortex!!! Thank you all!
12:58:44 From Dana’s iPhone. : Yay Libby! Yay Martin!
12:58:48 From damiani : What Libby said!
12:59:02 From damiani : And yes, create the container that works for you. But we aren’t meant to do this alone!
12:59:05 From 12:54 Millionaire Minutes : https://calendly.com/leah-fisch/20-minute-member-chat
12:59:15 From Dana’s iPhone. : You are the best Leah love!!
12:59:25 From damiani : Jahnavi, big hug to you. I see you. xo
12:59:29 From 12:54 Millionaire Minutes : https://calendly.com/leah-fisch/30min
13:00:13 From JAHNAVI ALYSSA : <3 <3 <3 thanks D and ditto and love to all
13:00:22 From Dana’s iPhone. : You’re amazing!!!
13:00:26 From Dana’s iPhone. : Love you all!! Hugs
13:00:29 From Dana’s iPhone. : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
13:00:45 From Dana’s iPhone. : I love you thank you!!
13:00:46 From damiani : I wish I could bottle Dana. 😀
13:00:50 From Donna : Bye! Have to run #blocksbuffers 😉
13:00:50 From Dana’s iPhone. : Awww
13:00:52 From Dana’s iPhone. : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
13:01:11 From Libby Wagner : OMG. That image of muffin topping!
13:05:10 From 1:04pm Calendaring Block Buffers Integrity : hello@ceorise.com
13:05:15 From Dana’s iPhone. : Thank you!!
13:05:27 From Ayo : thanks so good being here.
13:05:30 From 1:04pm Calendaring Block Buffers Integrity : https://calendly.com/leah-fisch/20-minute-member-chat
13:05:39 From Dana’s iPhone. : So amazing being here!


Right Hello everybody Nice to see you all you put your current emotion in the chat bar Hello Libby Donnelly refer to Sharon Kathleen and Roberta says Happy


discombobulated way to have the devil be one word ready all right. So welcome Jana is waking up in the chat Yana. All right. All right. So welcome everybody I am going to be talking about something very, you may notice is being recorded because I’m going to be talking about something very important today, which is turnaround time. However, the number one person in honour of whom I’m speaking about it is our newest member and is not here yet. So I’m going to wait to discuss turnaround time when hopefully, he arrives. So, we are going to get into it and I will be talking today about some exciting things that are coming your way. So I will be sharing that information. In the middle Ish. Ish. Ish ish. Alright, so until then we’re gonna start in a in our in our traditional way, which we don’t normally do, but we’ll do it in a in an efficient like at the gym when you do the 30 minute workout and there’s like 10 things or something like that. So we’re going to do them intensely intentionally and get it all done. So we are going to take a poll, are you or are you not at baseline? Let’s see what people say I know you all are because the rule is to now come no almost almost close. So good. No one except Damiani is fantastic. We’re gonna have seven minutes to get to baseline Damiani. You can use this time to Bob You’re late. And I’ll see you all in seven minutos hopefully everyone at baseline see you soon.

All right, welcome Elana. Welcome Wendy. Welcome Ellison. Welcome. I Oh wonderful to see all of my beautiful people here today even if you’re not on screen it brings me such great joy to know that you are here with us. Let’s take another pulse test are you or are you not at baseline? I am Hello VOD. Base baseline. Oh baseline. Are you at P E slime? Yes. Alison so close. Libby. Ooh, Damiani realised that she had told a faulted Elana. No. i Oh, yes. All right. So if you’re not at baseline yet, of course continue. Getting to baseline don’t pivot as we do other things. And if you are a baseline, then you’re ready to pivot. Alright. So, we are going to pivot like I said, we’re gonna go through our grounding behaviours, take it nice and slow. We’re gonna have two minutes on the clock for gratitudes I’ll be sharing some exciting things related to this very topic at the break around the break time, pardon me for coughing it’s nothing scary it’s the weather in this particular room two minutes on the clock for gratitudes ideally, you will be writing them with an actual pen on an actual piece of paper because that is better for a brain but if you’re just reciting them or writing them into your phone that still accounts two minutes for gratitudes here we go.

right and we’re gonna take it slow today, because I want to some of some of you haven’t been here in a while. And it’s always good to have reminders as I like to say that’s why the Jews do one chapter of the Old Testament every week because it’s things land at different times. And that’s that’s how we remember and learn is through repetition, repetition. And so why do we do gratitudes at productivity lab, we do them because gratitudes are considered some people say that joy is the highest frequency emotion. But many people say that actually the feeling of gratitude, which certainly has an element of joy inside of it, but the gratitude is really the highest frequency emotion. And I like that concept. Although, of course, we’ve talked about the philosophy of Joumor has Joy plus humour, but that’s really a different thing that the concept of gratitude is. And for those of you who are in ultimate action roadmap, we were talking about this in terms of expansion and inclusion. And so gratitude is really a way for us to expand an include, it allows us to be actually non judgmental about things, and to leave behind if we are not feeling non judgmental, to leave behind the judgments. So, in other words, I was just talking to a friend this morning, and she said, Wow, I’m so grateful that we can buy food, you know, and these are the simple things that we can forget, we can get so lost in all of the things that we perceive to be wrong, that, you know, something I like to always be grateful for is that I can see, you know, that I think I’m not a blind person like, that would be held, you know, and so, there’s so many things that we have. And if we were to really list all of the things that are right, that we are grateful for, oh my gosh, we are the wealthiest, luckiest, most blessed people that we know. So gratitude, as you know, growing up, I was taught that this kind of thing was not taught per se, but that was sort of like, oh, cheesy, you know, New Age, whatever, whatever. But actually, scientifically, they’ve looked at brain studies, when people go into, into gratitude, lowering your cortisol raising things like oxytocin, serotonin, the kinds of connection hormones, it’s literally good for your body, for your brain, for your spirit to feel gratitudes. Now, most of you are people who probably feel them. But in terms of Joumor, and in terms of productivity lab, why do we do gratitudes at the beginning, because Because of this, you know, neural aspect of it, this actually allows us to move into our to dues. Powerfully, it allows us to then say like, wow, like, I may have all of these issues. But you know, what, 1234567890, my gosh, and this and this and this, okay, now, what do I have to do? And then we move into that from a totally different elevated place. So we’re going to pivot now to our grand to do Speaking of which, and I want you to come to your grand to do with total neutrality, please, you’re going to be looking at and if you don’t, if you’re like, Oh, I still don’t have my Oh, I haven’t been on my grand to do for that doesn’t matter. Neutrality. Neutrality is where creativity thrives. So wherever you are, or are not with your grant to do if you don’t use a grant to do you write stuff down on a piece of paper, just roll with it, it doesn’t matter. Look at the things that you need to do. Take the time to set yourself up to win in terms of what actually would be good for you to do today. Remember, do less for success. So look at your grant to do look at your personal manifesto. Whatever you’re working on, keep it small, keep it tight, you’re going to get through this and we’re going to do it together. So we’ll have three minutes on the clock to review and confirm your grant to do and if you’re like no I already reviewed it. You know what, review it again because like like Damiani shared she thought she was a baseline but realise she wasn’t you know, take the time take these it’s three minutes to review and confirm again if you don’t want to do that. Then do nothing Just close your eyes and meditate three minutes here we go.

All right, like I said, we’re gonna take it nice and easy. So I want you to choose one thing from your grand to do that you are going to complete in these 19 minutes set yourself up to win this should take about 15 minutes, time doesn’t exist. So our ability to estimate is also a purely meta kind of thing. But what is the one thing that you will accomplish in about 15 minutes and remember, do less for success so maybe give yourself if you’re feeling tired or slow, give yourself something you can do in about 10 minutes and you can rest and meditate afterwards. What will you accomplish processing fluency verb plus noun Elana, take a shower and wash my hair. You know what back to basics it works. Verb plus noun What will you accomplish in these 15 minutes prep area for contractor? Boudhanath? Sounds exciting? Clear dining room table, make meal pack list find it in open documents for this editing job. Fantastic text client and cancel subscription law. All right, we are going to have 19 minutes on the clock. Let us make the very most of them and be Wendy What about the important email? Are you going to find it read it write it verb plus, now I’m just building that habit of processing fluency. Unpack. Alright, so 19 minutes on the clock. And if you see here’s a little a little thing. If you see that you halfway through, it’s not going to happen. Take the time to edit this is called re planning. Right? So if halfway through, you’re not going to get there in time and 19 minutes and say you know what, I’m going to lower the scope. I’m going to minimise the scope to set myself up to when actually I’m going to verb plus noun and refine it so that you’re setting yourself up to win so that you’re not stressed knowing that you’re not going to get there in time. We should see 555 at the end of this 90 minutes on the clock. Let us begin

Whoo hoo. Everybody welcome Leslie, great to see you. We have completed our first work portion. And we’re gonna continue with taking this slowly and step by step at each step. So in the chat bar, are you at a five for what you articulated, that you would be completing. And if you’re not at a five, you want to look at what you gave yourself to do. And remember, like I said, if you’re not going to get there, the replanning advanced move, is by the time I’m done talking, you’ll be at a five in that case, Donna, the replanted the advanced move there is to re scope to replan to make the scope smaller so that you do keep your word. These are all subtle ways that we’re whittling away at our self trust by saying that we’re going to awesome five plus five plus five head time to start editing fantastic. So less less for success to less for success. You know, the most common thing for people in the world is to say they’re gonna do stuff that they do not do. And then all the things all the fallout that comes from that. So even if you say you’re going to do little tiny things, or you say it’s gonna, I’ll get back to you in two hours, and people say two hours like, can’t you just call me back after you’re like, well, I might call earlier But I’ll call you back within two hours, you know, giving yourself that space. And I am going to be talking about one other thing in a bit about turnaround time, like I said, but given the, excuse me the accomplishment that you just had, we want to, we want to, we want to ride that accomplishment wave. So take a look at your grant to do and what is the next thing on there. And if you’re playing around with your grant to do you want to be completing today’s top three, okay, you want to finish those before you do other things. So if you’re someone who plays around with your grant to do, and you’re like, Ooh, I think I’ll nip in and do later whenever that’s fine. But what you want to do in this practice of staining, and showing up for and completing your word is to take the thing from later whenever and put it into today’s top three. Because then it’s in your face that you said you were gonna accomplish it today, we play a lot of games with ourselves. And frankly, those games end up not being very fun in the end. So what you want to be accomplishing when you come to productivity lab is 123. On today, step three, if you have to, or if you have only one, then you accomplish those. But this is more about your word, and about your nervous system, and about your connection to others based on how you trust yourself, this is what this is about. So if your brain and your nervous system are calm, you know that you’re someone who shows up for themselves and does what you say you’re going to do, the way that you interact with the world is different. This is what this is really about in the form of productivity. It happens to be, but it’s a much greater meaning here. So your personal power is what we’re actually working with in these ways. So this is an opportunity over and over and over again to say, am I in my personal power or not? And if you’re playing around, you’re doing that and you get to make a different choice. You’re welcome January. So today’s top three. Hopefully you’ve completed one in what you just said, if you didn’t now’s your opportunity to make a different choice. What in today’s top three, or if it’s not there, put it in will you accomplish we’re going to do one more 90 minute work portion. Before we take a break and have a commercial break, so 19 minutes on the clock. Processing fluency verb plus noun let’s begin All right, on a scale of one to five, did you complete and delete? Yeah, Martin lezlie. Awesome. And for those of you who joined late welcome Luiz Juan Pablo, Martine. Dana, fabulous to see everyone. And like I said in the chat, let’s all welcome Juan Pablo, our newest member to productivity lab. So happy to have him and guess what he is joining us. Today, it happens to be from Colombia. So imagine that he’s not from Colombia, but he’s joining us from Colombia. So Colombia represent. So, um, for those of you who were not here for the first portion, and I want to recommend that you log into the members area and watch today, because we talked a lot about personal power and your word and integrity and setting yourself up to one specifically in your behaviours, with productivity lab and making the most of your time here.

Today, as I promised, I was going to talk about turnaround time. So this is something that we don’t yet have in the members area, but I’m going to talk about it today. And turnaround time is the time that it takes from when when something appears needing your attention. Or that you want to do that you have the idea until you actually complete and delete it. And the idea of turnaround time, and why we talk about it so much in the concepts in Joumor. And productivity lab is because we were talking earlier about the brain and it’s the same thing. So turnaround time, you get a piece of mail, and that mail comes in, and you put it to the side. And you look at the mail, and you look at the mount and how long does it take you to actually deal with the mail. Now the thing about it is it seems like a very simple thing. But what happens with turnaround time, and I’m going to share a personal story about this. And because other things creep in clutter attracts clutter, and the opposite is true. Okay, so it doesn’t really matter what the thing is, if it’s male or a desire that you have to do something, the longer that you don’t do it, the sour it can get or the bigger that it can get. So I joked in one of my classes recently that not joke seriously but my first child I wanted children for so long that my first child was born and he weighed 10 pounds. I think I made mistake in the class. 10 pounds, seven ounces. That is a large baby. Right. And I am very proud that I delivered him totally naturally with no drugs. Anyway, the point is, is that the longer we wait to do stuff The bigger deal it becomes to do because then we’re starting to have to overcome other things that have crept in in the not doing. So thank you Damiani. You know, it’s funny. It’s just woman is really all it is. Anyway, but thank you. So, um, so. So a story that I want to share with you that is just so apropos. So, a long time ago, I had this this great friend and he told me that and he works that he makes, he worked at a company that makes these incredible water bottles that you may have heard of called mana manna. And they’re really, really, they keep your water cold. We were in Machu Picchu in the burning sun. And our water stayed freezing cold. I mean, they’re amazing water puddles. So I wanted we he had given us samples I wanted to make it was a whole thing. Anyway, they’re and they’re pretty fancy fancily price, like $40, or something like that. So I was going to do something, and he made a code for me for 50% off and the code was late. But I like I was like, Oh, I don’t know how many I need to wait, I have to see data. So I kept not ordering these water bottles. Then when everything was going down last year, he took a what I consider a dark turn politically, and went into some dark places. So all the interactions that we had left me horribly disturbed, personally, right, unrelated to the water bottles. And I still had never ordered these water bottles. So I was getting emails from the water bottle company for a minute. And every time I would see them, I’d be like, Oh, I have to use my 50% coupon. And then I would subconsciously or consciously think of my friend and that dark, all of our interactions, and I wouldn’t do anything. Finally he stopped working at the company might 50% code was gone. And so there was that, that I hadn’t taken advantage of the thing. And then there was this residual thing of this interaction I’d had with my friend many times, and all that like disturbance was a trigger for me. So yesterday, I got an email from them with a spooky 35% off coupon. And I finally sat down, and I took care of the ordering all the things that I had wanted to order. Not only that, but this terrible coffee cup, I have like his spilled coffee everywhere in my life, because the top always falls off. So I ordered, you know good quality coffee things, right. And so

I noticed today because I got an email from them. Yesterday, I was looking at my emails, I saw the email and I, I went into my brain to think about my friend. And what do you know, I didn’t feel nearly as triggered or disturbed. I felt this satisfaction. We talked earlier about riding the wave of your accomplishments. So I felt the satisfaction of completing and deleting that task. I felt the excitement that I won’t be spilling coffee everywhere and that my water will stay cold. And I won’t have to constantly be making ice. Right? So there’s like all this opportunity. It’s subtle, but it’s there. But it also addressed this, like darkness that had crept in and was was was causing me this this this conflict, this friction of actually just doing the thing. And this all happened because I didn’t do it when it happened. Right? Initially, when he gave me that 50% code. It was it was before the 2020 elections, you know, so that I can’t we talked about the butterfly effect and group mind how we’re all connected. The value of you taking care of things as quickly as you can. And as quickly as you can doesn’t mean to be like pushing yourself beyond what you’re capable of. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that doesn’t have to be immediate. But you don’t want to let it go to a five which is more than two weeks if it’s something that you want to get to. Because clutter attracts clutter. So you waiting to do something that you really could already do that you just keep not doing. Other things are going to creep in and and flotsam and jetsam, that whole thing, both, perhaps literally and also energetically. So turnaround time. If you say you’re going to do something, do it. Don’t say and here’s the thing. Don’t say that you’re going to do it when you’re not ready to do it. So we talked about in terms of setting yourself up for project management. And everything that we’re doing here we’re practising this muscle of saying, What am I going to do now? And fulfilling that fulfilling your word fulfilled? Filling it, fulfilling it fulfilling it. And when you get to practice saying like I’m not going to do that right now I’m actually only going to do this or you know what, I don’t want to do that I’m gonna do something else that’s practising boundaries. When you are INTEGRIS and truthful with your word you get to much more easily have your boundaries with others. So the opportunity of noticing your turnaround time and honouring it and shifting and making changes so that you are in alignment with what you said you were going to do when you said you were going to do it. It changes so much between yourself and other people. And it also helps clear the clutter in the mind. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this time this discussion of turnaround time. We’re gonna take a little break and then we will come back and continue our wonderful work together. So we’re gonna have three minutes I’m gonna play a song or Rooney and we’ll start again just before right around 1220?

Hopefully you have done no work during this time you’ve got your water you’ve used the restroom and you are ready to to focus And to complete today’s top three. So we are going to have our meatiest work portion is going to be a little bit shorter but still earned media. So we’re actually going to do 24 minutes on the clock. So think about what you can accomplish in about 19 minutes on the clock. What will that be articulated in the chat verb plus, now Now remember, we’re hardcourt at this point going for five five is complete and delete. You’re gonna get it done. Do less for success. Give yourself less to do that you will accomplish in 24 Slash 19 minutes to give yourself a buffer. What is the thing that you’re going to complete from today’s top 324 minutes here we go.

Awesome I see Martin that you got to a five that is fantastic scale of one to five Did you complete and delete what you articulated that you would let’s see where people are up to hopefully you’re at a five but of course tell the truth five plus five awesome oh nice Roberta Juan Pablo for four more minutes not sure what to make of that it was 24 minutos Damiani five just barely 555 All right. Nice everybody amazing awesome. So we are going to pivot if you are not yet at five do not pivot with us continue completing what you have remaining. For those who are at five we’re going to pivot to our millionaire minutes. Eight minutes on the clock to do something money related take a moment to articulate what that will be. I’m gonna put some examples in the chat bar what is the money related action that you are going to take to stay on top of your money related behaviours so that nothing comes too far behind eight minutes on the clock for millionaire minutes. If you did not get to a five use these eight minutes to get to a five

here we go. Alright, on a scale of and a scale on the emotional skills what I meant to say, where are you on your emotional scale? We’re coming to the end of these accountability. Power hours delayed, says Dana clear them Jani. What is your current emotion? Overwhelmed? Well, your new one, Pablo, so you’re perfectly in the right place. Unbelievably relieved. I love that who said that Wendy, awesome, clear and accomplished, a bit more oriented, super worried, oh, relieved and accomplished. All right, our group mind has it all. So two things. One, I want to take a moment in honour of the people that I have spoken with, about how things are going for you and what you’re up to. And almost none of them have accountability partners. So I know there’s a lot of you lurking look at Damiani not shaking her head, knowing the immense power. If you think accountability, power hours are valuable, they are nothing compared to

to having an accountability partner. So if you don’t have one, now is your chance to get one if you are up for it. So it’s rocket fuel says that many so if you are ready to take on an accountability partner, and I’m gonna I’m going to be a little blunt here, that line that I’ve heard about six times recently. I don’t want to let other people down is just letting yourself down. So go for it. We all understand each other here we’re we’re here together we’ve gathered together here because we have a sensibility in common of humility and many other things and desire also for change. So thank you for being so honest, Roberta I don’t have one she’s afraid but let’s do it. Let’s let’s move through it. If you’re ready to move through the discomfort or you just never got around to it or you didn’t want to now you do. This is your chance to set it up. There is a training accountability partner training, you can watch it on double time as I like to stay in the settings you can go fast. Sharon doesn’t have one. Roberta doesn’t have one. So use this time to get one one. Pablo doesn’t have one. And I won’t name the other people who haven’t been themselves but I assure you many people here do not have accountability partners. So you can go into the Facebook group. I’ll post the link here in case you want to get up the gumption but you haven’t yet give me one second I’m going to post the link because one probably you haven’t even joined because you’re that new and you need to sign the contract so that you’ll get all the emails one Pablo just letting me know you should have gotten the welcome email and then you’ll sign that to get all of the emails here is the link for the Facebook group. And where you can join people have you know they do check in they do WhatsApp groups they you can do it however works for you. But I promise you that it is nothing I am nothing compared to what you all can do for each other. So go for it Libby, we shared daily texts and connect by colours zoom to support each other just do it and you know, if it feels like too much, then say I’m not gonna you know, again, with the boundaries, be honest, be like, I don’t want more than a once a week text. That’s all I want. Or be like, I need a lot of attention. Are you the right one for me? No, be honest, make it work for yourself. And you can always tinker with it. Okay. So we are going to, I’m just going to pop this link in here. And this is going to pop to links if you haven’t signed up to chat with me about how things are going and what you’re up to just so I have the like can I know what people are up to this isn’t coaching and it’s not sales, it’s just for me to get to know more specifically what you’re about these days. And if you have any suggestions for improving productivity lab or see your rise offerings, and I sent an email yesterday and we will go over I’m gonna hold the space for three more minutes after I finish talking so we do get to calendar. But if I send me more about SEO rise the journey that is an amazing really truly the best deal offer I’ve ever put forward. If that’s something you’re interested in, we can talk about it because everyone will basically have a different payment depending on what you’ve already paid. So if you do want to talk to me about doing that otherwise you have in the email if you want to renew through October 31 If you renew for next year, either via the journey or for regular productivity lab for a year you will get a bonus session with me the journey you get two sessions and a price with me and a private session with Mehrdad, our tech master So it’s really truly a wonderful opportunity if it’s something that appeals to you and you feel like you want to take it on, but you want to talk to me about any questions, concerns pricing, sign up to talk with me and let’s talk. All right, we’re gonna conclude with three minutes of calendaring. You’re going to look at your calendar blocks, buffers, information integrity, are you going to be able to by Dana, are you going to be able to do what you said you were going to do? Do you have everything on the calendar Do you have buffers around your blocks are the blocks long enough to actually complete the meeting so that you’re not muted so that you’re not so that you’re not muffin topping your meetings right in your meetings actually fit in the time allotted. So take three minutes our final thing we don’t usually go over but I am today because of all of my chatter three minutes on the clock to calendar start from today and get as far as you get in these three minutes blocks buffers

integrity here we go. Alright, everybody, thank you so much for being with us today working on making yourselves more efficient, effective and powerful. You will have access to this recording later today in the members area. Remember, if you ever have any trouble with anything whatsoever, please do send an email if you’re not able to reset your password or who knows what Don’t be shy send an email to Mr. Dodd and we will get you set up with whatever you need help with. And I saw that a few of you already scheduled sessions to chat with me chats with me. And I’m going to put it here one last time in case you haven’t I think that will cover everyone but I’m going to put it here in case you didn’t get to do it. Wonderful to see all of you Monday’s are Alyssa and I look forward to seeing you next Thursday go forth please be Joumor Burress and have a wonderful rest of your everything. Bye bye

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