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As entrepreneurs (and humans) it’s easy and normal to get down when things don’t seem to be working…or happening as fast as we want them to.

Personally I never find it very helpful when people tell me to just have faith and, “you never know!” That might be true, but it doesn’t help my mood when I feel down, you know?

But you know what does help? Joumor (the joy + humor on the other side of all we’ve been avoiding). Taking action on all the things, big and small, so that no matter what I have a sense of accomplishment.

Very few of us are clutter-free, but many of us complain that things aren’t going as we want.

Here are some Joumor Principles to cheer you and get you moving if you’re feeling a little down about your business’s success:

1. Just keep going, just keep going, just keep going: This might mean being persistent at the same thing or trying different techniques to get there, but one thing is for sure, you won’t get there if you stop.

2. The more you do the less you have to do: Many people put things off till it’s too late- and they have to file an extension for their taxes because there’s no way they can pull it all together last minute. Doing things like entering expenses as you go, and having regular conversations with your accountant mean that when the deadline comes you’ve already been finished for a month and working on fabulous new projects like the champ that you are.

3. Embrace the “busy work”- The productivity industry is quick to judge and dismiss “busy work,” but when you save it for a rainy or a day when you’re feeling down, it can be the silver lining. When our moods aren’t up to snuff, it’s unlikely that we’ll be producing brilliant works that help the world. This is the perfect time to embrace all those little things, like asking for that refund, updating your passwords and syncing your devices. Maybe you just do the dishes- that can be good, too.

Things are constantly changing. The old “This too shall pass” is a handy reminder.

But in the meantime of waiting for things to pass, change or grow, a little good old-fashioned action on your to-do list can move mountains, with or without faith. 😉

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