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Your actions every day determine how you’ll be remembered- do they align with your vision of yourself?

Stay hydrated on this hot Friday, Leah. Seriously, drink plenty of water…I wrote my thesis about the August 2003 European heat wave and its effects…but I digress!

It’s so easy to take life for granted when things are going well. To say things like:

It takes time
You can’t force things
I’m not ready
You don’t believe you deserve it
Maybe later
It’s my mother’s fault (that one can always be added in for everything 😉
All this might be “true.” One of the classes at the Joumor Institute is called Eulogy. Based on the book Living Forward mixed with Joumor, we write our ideal eulogy and spend our time in class making our lives more like we want to be remembered. (Two people cried in class today and said that was the best part)! You know what else is true? Life is what you make it, so don’t wait.

When you think Joumor, think, “Living Confidently in a way I’d be Proud to Be Remembered.” Because that’s what it’s all about. As my mother says, “There is always only ever now.”

And here’s a complete weekly schedule from the Joumor Institute.

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