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“You’re not a vicTIM, you’re a vicTOR!” – Joel Osteen

That’s a quick snapshot of the view out of our window at the pension here- the soundtrack includes some roosters crowing and the wind on the plains…because when one of my best friends asked if my family and I could attend her 40th birthday party here, it was an easy yes.

  • Yes to three tickets to fly to Europe.
  • Yes to renting hotels, taking taxis, trains, and more airplanes.
  • Yes to a 2.5 weeks away.
  • Yes to whatever might come up along the way.

Are you intentional about your life, or does life “happen to you?”

Listen, I totally get feeling like a victim…especially with basic things like technology. Yesterday I spent nearly 5 hours making the little link above for NYR: T4, trying everything I could think of to fix it…and my tech guy swooped in and, I kid you not, fixed it in ONE MINUTE. Seriously, I almost cried.

But anyway! Back to our scheduled program…:)

Contrary to what people may think, Joumor is not about having a plan and going for it directly step after linear step. Nonono, we are not robots!

Joumor is about
having a vision
a dream
a goal

…(one at a time, please!) and going for it however makes sense and works for you.

I used to be quite the planner with timing and schedules. Now I’m up many nights with a young baby and feel like my brain fell out the window half the time. But my balls are made of rubber, not glass, so whatever happens, I keep edging toward my dream life however I can get there.

We waste a lot of everything- time, money, energy, even our relationships, not living the lives we want. And guess what? In order to live how we want, to be truly free, we need to be organized and fortify our infrastructuresOtherwise we’re just running from ourselves.

If one of your best friends called you to come to a private party on a Caribbean island and you wanted to go, could you say yes?

Here’s a little checklist to ask yourself yes or no to each one:

  1. My passwords are organized and I can access them remotely
  2. I can pay bills remotely and/or they’re on autopay
  3. I can track expenses while away from the office
  4. I have at least six months of expenses saved and I can safely spend some of it
  5. I am healthy and strong and can walk and carry things easily
  6. I can pack quickly and fairly lightly
  7. If I have pets there is someone trustworthy to care for them
  8. I have backup at my work and/or I can work when away from the office
  9. I’m good at cleaning out the refrigerator (this is strangely hard for many, including me!)
  10. I speak lots of foreign languages to make travel easy (just kidding- not necessary but it helps!)

When it comes to living, life is what you make it. And if you’re not currently satisfied, it’s ok! You can start making little changes to get there.

Even if you have no interest in jetting off to a Caribbean island, if you can say yes to each item on the above checklist, you’re in pretty good shape. If there are any no’s on that list, what do you need to do to turn them into YESes?

Wishing you a big victorious YES to life is what you make it!

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