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Five months ago I was doing gymnastics seven months pregnant, dancing five times a week, meeting my friends for dinner and parties in NYC, visiting my family in NJ, and temporarily concluding my international travels. #nycbusy was pretty much me.

Things are pretty different now.

Having an infant means that time is not exact, and it’s out of my control. (I don’t sleep or feed on a schedule). As someone who took lots of classes and had lots of appointments, it was all about the schedule. Now, it’s a lot looser.

So how’s this transition from #nycbusy to time with an infant going?

Joumor is about being in integrity with your values.

My values include:

Spending time with my family (family, fun)
(Mostly) Not using diapers (environmental and health, fun- believe it or not)
Being with my child (family, fun, learning)
Reading (learning, fun, professional)
Earning enough to be set for 20 years (financial, fun)
Growing my business as I’ve always dreamed/teaching (financial, professional, fun)
Working out (health, fun)

Joumor is about setting yourself up to receive.

I am grateful for my incredible family who supports me in this time of change so I can raise a child with minimal stress and lots of love. I am grateful for our card playing and many meals together.

A couple of years ago I PREPARED: I transformed my business in order to work remotely so I could be with my family (I didn’t have my man or my child yet).

Now I have both and more clients than ever.

Joumor is about physical and mental health.

I’m almost up to my longest plank ever. Turns out carrying around a large infant is good for your muscles.

Joumor is about setting yourself up to win.

My clients and I work together at the perfect times. We are consistent with the perfect touch of flexibility.

My assistants and colleagues work together in the same way. Consistently and also when it suits us best.

Joumor is about giving from your overflow.

My prices reflect my 16 years of experience in a field that I am constantly updating to reflect the times and what I/my clients have learned. This feels good. This feels right.

I am able to invest in my business as I work in pleasure.

I am able to donate more money than ever before.

I am able to spend time co-creating an incredible project against FGM (female genital mutilation) in conjunction with my mother, my graduate school, and a jewelry designer friend (details to come!).

And guess what?

I am building my business, earning money, creating products and launching programs…more than ever before. Why?

Joumor is not about being an uptight planner with everything at right corners.

It’s about taking the time to see what works for you, and doing that.

Most of us have a fixed notion of reality. That we must do things exactly as they “must be done” in order to achieve them. We pack our time believing that it’s limited, and shove our stuff in too tightly, believing we don’t have enough space…spend our money and wince, believing we don’t have enough.

That’s secretly not true.

When you do things in alignment with your values, and do those things you have been waiting to do and to create, everything comes together. But most of us can’t handle the space, the sometimes silence, and the lack of control we must endure to receive this.

We have habituated ourselves neurologically to be running, dashing, “putting out fires,” making a deadline, etc.

So we fill up our time “achieving,” and somehow turn up empty. Is Joumor about achieving and accomplishing? Absolutely. But it’s not how you might think. What if you never hurried?

What if you just received?

What if, like an infant, we trusted that all things are to support us, that we are safe, and that we are right?

Joumor is about surrendering to yourself.

Joumor is about seeing what you’re capable of- your way.

What are your values? How in alignment are you with your values?

Miracles are possible. It’s up to you if you’re willing to receive them.

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