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Many of my clients are frustrated at the growth of their businesses, usually because they want to be earning more money. But the truth is, to really grow, you need an infrastructure that can solidly support growth.

When we work together and peek under the hood, usually one or many of these issues are present in my clients:

  • Stressed/late on taxes
  • Overwhelmed with paper clutter
  • Overwhelmed in general
  • Website half-finished
  • Unreliable communicators in marketing and in general
  • Often running late/changing appointment times
  • Don’t want to go home or have people over due to shame and clutter
  • Paying for things they don’t want or need

…the list goes on. Can you relate?

We often want something that we don’t have which we perceive will soothe our discomfort and solve our problems. The soothing (like an intense program or spa) might feel like it helps temporarily, but it doesn’t solve our problems, nor does it set us up to win.

Anne-Marie came to me for CEO Rise (my private VIP program) saying she wanted “more gigs.” Within a month she had gone from barely being able to pay her bills to billing in the thousands, and is currently across the country on a weeklong gig.

How did we do this? Not by marketing or advertising. We sealed the holes so she could receive and handle more.


  • took inventory of everything she was paying for that she could unsubscribe from
  • paid off outstanding bills
  • figured out and sent cluttery-feeling old invoices
  • identified ways she was procrastinating in her daily life that was eating away at her self-trust (which affects how we do business)
  • began a financial spreadsheet and plan to review with her very practical partner
  • returned to doing art

Rather than focus on what new things she could bring into her life, Anne-Marie dealt with all the things already in her life…and the new things that she wanted came…in a month!

If you are looking for more and it’s not coming, hold off on your advertising budget for a month. Dedicate 30 (or 60 or 90) days to #usewhatyouhave and #removewhatdoesntbelong.

A few amazing things will most likely happen:

  • You’ll feel better in your environment and your body
  • You’ll have more money
  • You’ll feel powerful and relieved that these stale tasks are DONE

And…you’ll probably receive more, either exactly what you had in mind, or perhaps something even better.

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