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“Whatever $450 times 24 is, that’s what I just saved!” – Joumor Institute Student

Did you ever get a bill that was more than you thought it would or should be, but time was running out, or you had more important things to do…so you just paid it?

And then it nagged at you, but it always felt too complicated to deal with…and anyway it was already paid?

So you SWORE you wouldn’t make the same mistake again…but then your phone bill or your cable bill didn’t make sense…but the thought of getting on the phone with them made you feel sick…so you just paid it? Or, you waited to pay it until you had time to fix it, missed the deadline, and ended up paying it, PLUS A LATE FEE? It’s the worst!

If you can relate, you’re normal. Almost all of us have had experiences like this, including my student in class the other day. Her landlord had made a mistake on one of her leases (she has multiple apartments) and, inspired by Joumor, she decided to read the lease instead of just signing off and paying the 2 year renewal. She called her landlord immediately, who apologized for the error, and was set to receive a new lease later that day by the time class ended.

“Everything I’ve invested in Joumor I just made back, and a lot more…because I would have paid it and not realized until much later,” my client exclaimed happily at the end of class.

You might be thinking, “How could someone not notice a difference of $450?” It’s not as crazy as it sounds. People make mistakes all the time, and then feel too overwhelmed to fix them, and keep paying.

If this has ever happened to you, your schedule is probably too full, and/or your system for handling bills, filing, and payments may be under-developed or too hard to use. The answer to this is Set Yourself Up to Win: Take the time to unravel this tangle and put things in a way that you can handle them efficiently and correctly. Dedicate time to reviewing your bills and nothing else.

As an entrepreneur or CEO, your business depends on your frame of mind, and your ability to solve problems when they come up (which they ALWAYS do). The clearer you are in your mind and the calmer your nervous system is, you’ll make better, fast decisions, and achieve your goals sooner and more powerfully, without having to constantly fix or catch up.

To your calm time to review your bills,


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