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How My Client Saved $10,800 in 30 minutes

“Whatever $450 times 24 is, that’s what I just saved!” – Joumor Institute Student Did you ever get a bill that was more than you thought it would or should be, but time was running out, or you had more important things to do…so you just...

How to Live Off Old Money

Did you know up to 78% of gift cards go unused every year? So for that $100 gift card that was fun to give or to receive…$78 of it will sit in a drawer or fall out on the street and disappear. Can you freaking believe that? If you found $78 cash on the street,...

How to Prepare for the Unpreparable For

“That’s why we have to party every day.” –Sue Fisch, my mother The last two weeks have been hard for many of us. Death, disease, and war are always happening, but I made the mistake of listening to the news and somehow the litany seemed more unrelenting than usual....

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