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That’s why we have to party every day.
–Sue Fisch, my mother

The last two weeks have been hard for many of us. Death, disease, and war are always happening, but I made the mistake of listening to the news and somehow the litany seemed more unrelenting than usual.

Well, that was depressing! So where does Joumor come in?

After public speaking,
• Death
• Divorce and
• Moving

are people’s Top 3 Most Stressful and Feared Activities (so to speak). What’s so horrifying? Well, not only is there the grief and despair of loss and change, there is also a ton of stuff to take care of- paperwork, donations, loan…none of it very exciting (to most people), and all of it requiring lots of decisions, which in itself can cause anxiety. It requires a lot of our brains and nervous systems, which can feel incredibly overwhelming.

Preparation Prevents Panicking: To prepare for the unpreparable for, open the conversation. It can feel scary and creepy to talk to people about their and your own deaths, (G-d forbid), but it makes it possible to plan. When you plan, it makes you feel safer. When you feel safer, you are calmer and more in control. Your confidence helps you make better decisions. Many logistics are involved with death, divorce and moving. Increase preparation = Decrease overwhelm = a more Joumorous existence.

By rooting out and taking action on existing or potential anxieties, we increase our ability to be present with ourselves and with others. This is Joumor.

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