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Yesterday and today I received multiple texts and emails from clients and students about how much money they are making/putting (back) into their bank accounts. One Masterminder has earned more than her seat in the course, over $10,000, since she signed up November 28th. One of my CEO Rise clients ($3850/month) has recouped her investment so far of $21,000 by more than two TIMES ($45,132.34) through refunds, reimbursements and claims… OMG!!

How is this possible?

Joumor is an excellent investment in:

  • Growing your business
  • Organization
  • Productivity
  • Decluttering
  • Lowering Anxiety
  • Building Awareness
  • Creating new habits

Sounds good…but that last one, Really?

Yup. My goal is that my clients not only break even financially (most are entrepreneurs or CEOs who want to reduce overwhelm so they can launch their programs bigger and better), but MAKE IT RAIN.

Everything contributes to everything else.


Overwhelm impedes decision-making and increases anxiety. When we take small, manageable steps so we feel in control, we help our prefrontal cerebral cortices make better decisions. When we do that, we can see what’s next. When we’re coming off a high of accomplishment, it’s easier to take action on that next thing…


Joumor Principle: Follow-up 5-12 times.

When that client says she wants to work with you but keeps missing the scheduled appointment, you can let it go OR you can follow-up one more time.

When the insurance company says they need one more piece of information (making it the 46th piece of information they seem to need), you can give up in frustration OR you can follow-up one more time.

Most people don’t follow-up or follow through. If you feel bad about that, you can stop- you’re just normal!

However, if you want to exceed the norm, grow your business, and fill your bank account, do what most people don’t:

10 ways to Joumorize your finances:

  1. Review bank and credit card statements for unexpected charges
  2. Cancel unused subscriptions
  3. Ask for refunds on fees and unused products
  4. Return things
  5. Pause before buying and confirm you’re in integrity
  6. Pause before ordering and confirm you’re in integrity
  7. Know your money- make a spreadsheet of all earning and spending
  8. Have a money mindset that you can afford all that’s in integrity with YOU
  9. Give charity
  10. Follow up 5-12 times

When your money infrastructure is solid, you can trust yourself and feel proud of your ability to provide for yourself. You’re more likely to feel abundant.

When you feel abundant, you’ll be more generous and more appealing. You will draw people to you, especially those who want to pay you.

If you’re feeling scarce or tight or scared, ask yourself, how can I Joumorize my finances so I set myself up to receive?

And then take action and follow-up.
And follow-up.
And follow-up.
And follow-up.
And follow-up….

The money is there. Will you go get it?

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