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About 5 years ago, my client and I were reorganizing her kitchen and dining room in her weekend home. Each time we opened a cabinet, we found a package of paper napkins. They were under the sink, up in the closet, even tucked in near the pots. It started to feel like a scavenger hunt, and the more we found, the more we laughed. In the end, she had 10 packages of 500 paper napkins. 5000 paper napkins.

“Wow,” I asked, “you must use a lot of paper napkins?”
My client laughed. “Not at all! I buy them when they’re on sale, Napkinsbut we actually go through them very slowly. I had no idea I had this many.”

We guessed how long it would take her family to use them up. When she called me a few weeks ago, it turned out we were right: 5 years.

How many repeats have you purchased because they were on sale OR because you couldn’t find the first set? How much money is hiding under your sink or near your pots that you’ve forgotten about?Choose 1 category you feel is scattered throughout your homePower cords or office and gather them ALL together. Whether it’s $3 napkins or $40 phone chargers, you might be surprised at all the resources you have when they’re in a pile smiling back at you. Choose the right place to store them where you can keep track of them. BONUS: each time you use them, note and enjoy the $$ that is staying in your pocket.

Reorganizing isn’t about getting rid of stuff. It’s about using what you have.

Enjoy your stuff!

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