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What To Do When You Don’t Hear Back

Remember the last time you sent that email or text and didn’t hear back? How did you feel? What did you do? Did you interpret the silence? When you put out a communication and don’t hear back, there is always clutter. Most people interpret the silence and...

Complete & Delete

When you’re following up, waiting on hold, trying AGAIN to get your computer to recognize that you’re you do you mutter something like: “Oh my Gd, this is taking FOREVER!” And then, somehow, a week or a month or, (cough), six months...

4 Coaches Told Me to Quit but I’m Doing This Instead

Did you ever have a dream that everyone told you to give up on? And…did you give up? A few years ago I had an idea of a place where people could always come for support, day or night, like a 12 step Anonymous meeting, online, to work on their projects. You see,...

“I’m so anxious I can’t get dressed”

Marianne’s* been hovering around my work for about 5 years- attending free classes, reading my newsletter, and watching my videos, but she’d never signed up for anything. The other day we got on the phone and she shared that: I’m late bringing my son...

And Gd said, “But I sent you a boat…”

This guy is drowning and he’s like, “It’s ok, Gd will save me.” So this boat comes by and he’s like, “No, Gd will save me.” And this scuba diver appears and puts out his hand and the guy is like, “No, Gd will save...

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